Saturday, February 2, 2008

Gone a Yurting

Unless the road is impassable we'll be spending the next few days at a yurt. Ahhhhh......forced relaxation!

We went up twice last year. The first time we went with Eva and Steph. It was cold, snowy and beautiful. The second time we went with Casey, Vanessa and her then boyfriend Nick, along with the two dogs, Scarface and Chelsea. It was sunny and warm and delicious.

You can check out our past trips on these videos. See you when we return.


Rosemary said...

Hope your yurting if fun.
Your snow pictures are beautiful .Wishing you lots more for your summer moisture.
I too would love to go to Italy and see the Carnival of Venice. The costumes gorgeous.Pasta. Wine. Ah making me wish to be rich.

Wurzerl said...

I wish you a lot of fun in the yurt and in the snow. Hear you later!
Have a good time Wurzerl

Bek said...

Your videos look great! Must be lots of fun!