Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We've been having more and more snow this week. It's a good thing; adding to the available water for summer and to me it's just very pretty. But then I'm not having to drive too much in it.

My cousin François had a post about the Venice Carnival on his website lately. He had these pictures in his post and I thought they were so beautiful.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Aren't these costumes just so decadently gorgeous? I can't imagine how enjoyable it would be to wear something so elegant. You can read more about the Carnival in Venice here and here.

Basically, the carnival of Venice, or Carnevale di Venezia in Italian, started around 1268 and went through years of subversive behavior and today is mostly put on for the tourists.

I'd still go. It's Italy for crying out loud! One could always drink the wine and eat the food.


Reginas Cottage said...

your snow pictures are great.Today we
have already rain.I think snow is good for the plant.Your seedlings in
the last post looks fine,be glade the
plant in the summer by you to admire.
Have a nice week,

Bob and Robin said...

Great photos, Victoria. The one of the pine cones and snow would make a great Christmas card. I shoveled the walk 4 times yesterday and Buddy - our dog - just wants to go out and play in the snow. Oh, well.
---- Bob

Genie said...

As amazing as the Carnival photos are, it's your snow photos that impress me. Especially the pine cones. You have such a great eye!

Anonymous said...

ah ah ah tes pommes de pin ont plus de succès que les costumes de carnaval de Venise !! Incroyable non ?

Bek said...

Great Snowpictures! I also like the Carnevel ones. Austria also celebrates it, but not with such nice costumes. More on the funny side.

k said...

my daughter is fascinated with all the mardi gras masks & stuff up this time of year. those are gorgeous- thanks for sharing!

Natalie said...

I love your photo of the pine cones in the snow. I just adore pine cones. Still no snow here....
Carnival does sound wonderful. I love Venice carnival or not...but the those costumes are beautiful! Hope you had fun in the yurt.