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Vanessa's Tree Analysis

From Genie at Free Tarot Readings.

"There is exaggerated emphasis on your trunk. It’s a sign that you can be emotional, optimistic, and very likeable. You have a rich imagination, high expectations, and an active gift for fantasy. You are compassionate with great empathy for others.

You are the kind of person who may, at times, be carried away by your feelings. You may be a bit of a “super hero,” in that you may often become a defender of the weak.

Your script is very clear and your letter connections are good if inconsistent. You have an efficient mind… when you choose to apply it. Ties in your T suggest persistence!

Rather wide spacing between your words shows a need to put space between yourself and others. You may be a bit suspicious of other people’s motives. You are a good communicator, you want to be understood and actually make an effort to be understood. I’m guessing you don’t have a boyfriend (at the time of the drawing) or, at least, not an especially fulfilling romantic relationship.

You are slightly reserved in personality. This may surprise people who think that your outward, extroversion is the primary you.

You’re a’s and o’s show a certain amount of gullibility, this is probably a good thing since you are generally suspicious of people’s motives. Funny how our personality traits can balance themselves out.

You have large handwriting. This shows you to be socially extroverted, expansive with your movements (do you talk with your hands?). You may not always be the most efficient thinker, but you can be if you focus.

Both your tree and your writing show you to have a bit of a bigger than life personality. Your crown also shows extroversion, but your leaves show a need (a healthy need, I think) to protect yourself from vulnerability.

Your handwriting shows you to be future oriented, you think ahead. But you may not plan ahead very well sometimes. Bills and deadlines may sneak up on you sometimes. I don’t this is a chronic thing, it’s just that sometimes you are thinking and living past the more mundane things like when the water bill is due.

Your leaves show you are capable of being precise and detail oriented. As extroverted as you are, I don’t think you are socially indiscriminate. In fact, you may be downright picky about who you let into your life.

Your knothole is a spiral. It made me wonder if you adopted the idea of using the spiral shape after reading you-know-who’s analysis. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t affect the analysis. I don’t see spirals in trees very often, usually from more spiritual people though. To me, spirals are a sign of someone with a deep belief in the connectedness of life. This is only a personal feeling and is not supported with any scientific data. “The books” say that the spiral form represents a recoiling in one area of a person’s life. Since it’s in a knothole that your spiral appeared, I think “the book” is right. But I also think my interpretation of your spiral applies.

Your trauma (knothole) centers around the age of 15. This trauma could have been anything, but whatever it was, it shaped you.

Your big, puffy cloud indicates imagination and an ability to express your ideas. But it’s a bit dark, outlined in blue, and your crown runs right into it. I think this cloud may also indicate your concern about what lies ahead. What person your age isn’t a bit worried about the future and what’s next?

Your sun shows that your mother has been a source of strength for you. You find emotional and spiritual nourishment in her. You may also have mystical inclinations, be they based in your religion or not.

Your ground is covered. Your roots are hidden—buried actually. You seem to want to distract people from some of the most basic parts of yourself. In our roots and at the base of our trees lay our most primal selves. So, I wonder, what primal, base thing do you wish to keep covered? Extroverts are often extroverted as a way of controlling the focus of others. “Look here! Here! Eyes up, buddy, don’t look at a my roots!” Perhaps your extroversion is a tool you use to control how you would have others see you.

You cover your ground with grass and then again with the fallen leaves from your lovely tree. This indicates your preference for comfortable surroundings. You are young, perhaps too young to be spending much on superfluous home décor, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to know that you have been known to buy throw pillows and fuzzy, cozy blankets may grace your bed and couch.

Your tree is placed ever so slightly to the left, indicating that you are generally well balanced and centered and your mother’s influence on you is strong, but not overbearing."

Thanks to Genie! I'll post Vanessa's response as soon as I receive it.

Vanessa's Response:

"You have described me very accurately. I definitely have high expectations of people in my life, and myself in general. I'm also a very emotional person although at times I try to hide them, or push them under a rug for a while. I'm very empathetic and sometimes I feel like I care too much about others and sometimes not enough about my own feelings. I'm a worrier. I constantly worry about how my actions affect others; even the slightest ones.

"Super hero to the weak" is an accurate description as well. Again, I'm very concerned with other people's feelings and their well being. Especially with my close friends. I find myself defending them when they don't need defending. I am persistent at times, but not always as you suggested. I'm going to graduate in the spring, and school has definitely taken a lot of persistence.

It's true that I don't have a boyfriend now or when I drew the tree. I think I was more unsatisfied then with being single than I am currently. I'm working towards being more comfortable with being by myself. It does take a long time for me to trust people, but not a unreasonable amount of time. You're right, I am an extrovert but I am slightly reserved with personal subjects.

I can be very gullible at times and I feel like it is a definite flaw; especially in romantic relationships. That is why I try to keep up a guard if I can. I'm very outgoing and like to get to know new people. I enjoy going out and having fun with friends. I am emotional, that's why I feel the need to protect myself. I don't want people thinking they can walk all over me, so I may over compensate by coming off bitchy at times. But then I feel bad, and apologize if I was overly rude to someone.

I do get behind on bills and homework. I procrastinate plenty when it pertains to those things and then I get stressed out. I try to enjoy my time away from school and work, so during that time I don't get the things I need to done.

The knot hole explanation I agree with also. I do think of myself as a spiritual person and as I get older it's become more predominate. As far as recoiling in some areas of my life; that could be true in a lot of different ways. Your estimate of my 15 yr old trauma was right. At first I couldn't think of anything, but then I remembered. I think I was about 16 though, and the situation may have arose around when I was 15. I grew up in Nampa, Idaho with my dad and mom; they were divorced when I was in 2nd grade and my mom moved to Boise which is only a 25 minute drive away. My dad received custody of my brother and I and we lived with him until I was 16. Neither of us could stand to live with him and my stepmother any longer. We both decided to leave our childhood friends and move in with my mom. This changed everything for us, and definitely shaped me as a person.

I'm very concerned with my future and I was more so concerned when I drew this tree. Because I'm graduating in May there was/is a concern of what to do after I graduate. Just recently I was hired at financial company as an intern. So I'm very excited and the job makes me feel more secure about post graduation. My mom is a great influence on me; she helps me through problems and gives me great advice. She was relieved that you said she wasn't overbearing. :) She has influenced me spiritually as well, I've become very interested in tarot and palm readings. They have become a regular part of my life.

What primal, basic parts of myself am I trying to distract people from?? The first thought that came to my mind was my self consciousness. I'm VERY conscious on every fault of my physique from head to toe. It can be a burden at times. I don't feel comfortable in a bathing suit with even my close friends. I try to disguise being self conscious as much as possible. I don't like people to think anything negative about me whatsoever. This is an obvious problem and I need to make an effort to improve my outlook on myself. This will some time, but I'm going to have to try hard to do so.

I do spend money and time on making my surroundings comfortable, even though I may not have the resources to do so. I like my surroundings to be pretty and appealing to others. Thank you very much for reading my tree. Your time and effort is much appreciated. It's nice to hear good things about oneself and to hear things that maybe I need to take a closer look at."

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