Saturday, July 21, 2007

Unemployment - Week 2

It's been two weeks since I was let go during the big "workforce reduction." I admit, I've spent a few days feeling sorry for myself, which of course, knowing me and my emotional eating habits, involved some weight gain. Kim and I have been budgeting our income, (my lack of), and, well, it hurts. I hate not having spending money. Not that I ever had much. Kim is the maniac saver. But, it was nice, usually being able to eat out a couple times a month, not worrying about buying a $25 bottle of wine occasionally, going camping was no big deal. And we were saving plenty; for our next vacation and for retirement. Savings are now at a halt. Spending is at a halt. I don't like it. (have I already mentioned that?) Yesterday I received my final paycheck from my FORMER employer. So.........Vanessa and I went wine shopping, of course! A few bottles of cheap $10 wine (which can be excellent), none of which we've tried before (I love trying new wine), and a good loaf of artisan bread. What can be better?

What have I been doing with my days you ask? Good question. Kim leaves for work at 5:30AM. (We're crossing our fingers that he doesn't get caught in the as yet unfinished "workforce reduction.") I get up around 7-7:30 and take the dogs out for a morning run in the desert. It's a nice way to start the day, and they are crazy for it. I throw a tennis ball for Scarface, Chelsea entertains herself by just running around sniffing and peeing on everything. Then it's home for breakfast, check my email, wash the dinner dishes, do laundry, and garden, garden, garden. A couple times a week I fix Kim's dinner, he often makes his own, and it seems like the day is over. Oh, I have been taking some bike rides in the middle of the day, too. And checking for jobs. My problem is, and I'm absolutely not being modest here, is that I don't qualify for much. Not a lot of marketable skills going on. I got by on my last job by slipping into a tech position on the merits of a couple years of college classes. So.......looking for work is a challenge. My daughter, Vanessa, has encouraged me to try reading tarot and palms again. In the past I have made some money doing that at coffee and book shops. So I've been spending some time studying. When I feel polished enough with that again, I'll go talk to some shop owners, see what kind of response I get.
My son, Casey, bought some extra groceries yesterday; cans of chili and tuna, an extra large jar of peanutbutter. That was nice to see. He's a good kid. (Can I still call him a kid at 21?)
Today I'm helping out by taking tickets at the Idaho Pond Tour . Tomorrow Kim and I will view the ponds and I'll post some pictures.

I'm also doing a bit of work for the Treasure Valley Wine Society. So, I have some things to keep me occupied. Just nothing that will produce an income. But, eventually, someday, somehow, I will have a new job. Doing something. For someone. Somewhere.


Bek said...

I am sorry to hear that you got laid off. I wish you the best to find a new job quickly!

Rosemary said...

Having to scrimp is not fun.
Good luck on the job search.

Jeffrey said...

All that volunteer work could lead to some good contacts. It's not always what you know, it's who you know... I know that's not news, but it's important to remember that those opportunities can be better than searching the classifieds.

Even this blogging (photos, videos, words) could lead to a PR or marketing position. Anyway, I'm sending good thoughts your way in your search.