Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunday Stuff

Yesterday I went kayaking on the Snake River with my friend Steph. This was nice calm kayaking, not like on the Payette River.

We had a good time, stopping along the way to eat our lunch, and Steph accidentally went swimming when her kayak tried to escape.
My arms are really sore today, not used to that paddling.

Later in the evening Vanessa came over for dinner. It was so hot out - 100 degrees, that we decided on a cold dinner of guacamole and chips, and smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber rollups. As Kim was making these for us (thanks honey), Scarface decided he couldn't resist Kim's tasty legs and he started licking....and licking....and couldn't seem to stop. It was the funniest thing. (at least after a couple glasses of wine).

Then another odd event occurred, when this showed up in the dog's water bowl......

Where did it come from (OK, maybe from our pond), but how and why did it get into the house? Very odd. Kim rescued it from the water bowl and set it into the pond out back. So, I guess now we have two frogs. Maybe more?


Rosemary said...

the ksyaking down the river looks very peaceful
The lunch sounds perfect.
still warm your way , cooled off in Ontario and one good rain storm so far.

Jeffrey said...

I wish this comment wasn't under the kayaking post, but .....

The frog in the bowl combined with the dog licking Kim's legs just sort of made the other part of the post melt away.... Anyway... it's all good in the end ... :-)

Bek said...

The kayaking looks like fun! Maybe I should try it once:)