Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

We’re leaving for Tennessee to visit Kim’s parents for a week. Son will be holding down the fort and caring for both dogs, two aquariums, and the one cat. While we’re gone I will have my 52nd birthday. Hard to believe I’m that old. I feel about 35. This is how I looked around 7 years old. Sweet, huh?

And this is my older sister and I (I’m on the right). We took violin lessons for years. Too bad I haven’t a clue how to play now.

Most of my growing up years were spent going hunting and fishing with my dad and my younger brother.

Some things about me:
1. I have three older sisters and one younger brother and I don’t speak with any of them.
2. Favorite color: red (Our living room is painted red)
3. Music I like; most. I even like some of the rap stuff. I don’t like country/western music.
4. What I’d rather be doing for a living: either growing and selling flowers or reading people’s palms and tarot cards.
5. What I would do if I had more money; travel more.

Kim’s parents recently moved to Tennessee from Ohio where he grew up. So this will be our first trip to Clarksville. I’ll post some Nashville pictures when we return, I hope. Unfortunately I don’t expect to have internet access while we’re gone. See you in a week. Post something, Lubo!

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Anonymous said...

Merci c'est grace à cette rurbique que je pourrai, enfin, me rappeler des dates des anniversaires ....