Monday, April 9, 2007

Feast of Eostara

Feast of Eostara

Eostara, the German Goddess of rebirth, invented nature regenerating and all of us along with her. Hers are the first signs of spring - the colorful Easter eggs, the hopping bunnies - all fertility symbols. Eostara is the goddess whose name gave us our term Easter. Later, this day was Christianized and associated with the resurrection of Jesus instead of that of the Earth. (from The Grandmother of Time by Zsuzsanna E. Budapest) Why does the Easter bunny lay eggs?.

We ate bruschetta,

the recipe: (click on it to enlarge)

with Kirs,

and steak, tortellini, salad; then Very Berry Lemon Torte:

Our favorite cake recipe:

the table was decorated with flowers from our garden....

There were no Easter egg hunts, but we were together and happy.

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