Monday, July 17, 2017

Big Changes in A Year

Yes, July 15 last year we moved to Montana for our retirement.  It's been a fast year.

There are flowers blooming in our yard but I've planted none of them.

Felix still enjoys a ride through the yard.

Kim's cold frame is doing well, although we had low's into the 30's last night and some outdoor plants were nipped.

You can just make out this bee doing its job.

The tomatoes are coming on.

We've been eating cucumbers.

All the kids and grandkids came to visit last week.  It was great.

I've been knitting a lot, Kim works in the garden.  We had one chicken die of old age, the other three are doing well and enjoying life.

Last night we heard the Northern Lights were going to be barely into our area so we drove into the hills at midnight and finally around 2AM we were rewarded.

The summer is flying by.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their warm weather.


Pat said...

Flowers growing from someone else hand... hmmm...wild ! Cold frame with veggies is perfect. That's one spectacular view at 2am . You sure live a different lifestyle now with so many new places to experience , I'm very happy for you. Oh congrats HAPPY ONE YEAR IN MONTANA !!

Country Girl said...

So amazing to see the Northern Lights - that's on my bucket list! We are heading south in a month to see the eclipse...yay!