Wednesday, April 6, 2016

There are more important things than babies......or maybe not.

I've been taking a "staycation" this week to help my daughter with her new baby.
Such hardship on my part.
Not. At. All.

It's been great.
I would love to, and could, post all kinds of endless baby pictures here but I'll save you from me.

Actually, here's a couple.

I caught a tiny smile today, accidentally.  They're few and fleeting and usually happen while he's sleeping.  So probably not even technically a "smile."  But who cares, right?

And he and his Seattle cousin, Hayden, met briefly for the first time.

There IS other news......believe it or not.  
I finished this sweater for my friend's rescued chihuahua and it fit Nellie pretty well.

Nellie always looks so regal.

And spring is bursting at the seams here in Boise.
Tree in downtown;

And phlox in our front yard;


Country Girl said...

What a sweet picture of your grandbabies sleeping together! The puppy in the sweater is pretty cute too!


That sounds like the perfect staycation. Congrats to you and the happy parents. The sweater is adorable and the spring trees are so lovely. Have fun!

Barbarapc said...

Congratulations to all. He is absolutely delicious. And, yes that is a smile, I'm certain of it. Love the coat. Bart is looking a little worried as I lean into the screen to figure out its construction. Lovely to see your blossoms, it gives me hope.

Goneferalinidaho said...

OMG! That sweater! I LOVE it. Your phlox look wonderful.

Rosemary said...

Sure looks like a smile to me So cute.......

Pat said...

The 2 boys sleeping is my favorite pic . The sweater is wild, you're always creative. Congrats again.