Saturday, December 20, 2014

Second Holiday Post

Yup, our tree is up.
The cats are enjoying it also.

Yup, Kim put lights on the house.

The inside looks like Christmas exploded.
You might think we're practicing at being grandparents but it always looks like this at this time of year.

And there has been cookie baking happening.  A lot.

Hope you're having fun with your holidays!



Wow, Victoria, you are amazing! Everything is so pretty and festive. The cookies...yum! And of course, there is a kitty sleeping under the tree. Somehow they know they're the best gift. Great post. Merry Christmas.

Goneferalinidaho said...

Your lights look amazing. those cookies look amazing as well.

Kathleen said...

Very festive. I want to sit in that chair lit with Christmas lights ~ it looks so inviting!