Sunday, November 16, 2014

November This and That

First a Scarface update.  He did great with his cone.  Managed to eat and drink and get around.  It was only on for three days so it wasn't bad.  (Easy for me to say.)

He is getting tired of the eye drops three times a day but tomorrow is his check up at the veterinarian and we hope the entire ordeal will be ended.

Here in Boise we've had record snowfall this month.  AND it's been COLD.  REALLY cold.

The high temperature today was 27 degrees.  The low is supposed to be 6 tonight.  We've seen highs of 19 degrees and lows of 1 during this past week.  This type of weather usually waits until January or February around here.

So.....I made Scarface a sweater!
You can find the pattern here.

Chelsea says she doesn't need a sweater.

Speaking of knitting, since I have my Christmas knitting completed....

...I can get back to knitting for myself.  I've started a sweater and I'm really looking forward to finishing it.  Maybe by Christmas.  This is a partial sleeve.  The body is complete.

I'm attempting to overwinter a few plants.  So far so good.  The begonia and geranium are in bloom.

The Meyer lemon has some new growth.

I've knitted some booties for my granddaughter but at nearly four months old I'm afraid they might be too small for her already.  You can find the pattern here.

How about you?  Any projects?  Looking forward to the holidays or Scrooging it this year?


Chris said...

I always enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas, even though there are elements of them I don't care for. It will be odd this year, the first without my dad around, so I'm approaching them a little nervously, but I'm sure it will be alright.

Megan said...

Those begonias and geraniums are pretty! Good luck with your Christmas sweater knitting!

OJD - Ron said...

I'll have to show Sis (oldest daughter) your knitting. She LOVES to make stuff. I came looking for garden ideas as we will be moving to Twin later this month from Arizona. Thanks for sharing!