Monday, October 20, 2014

Falling Again

What a beautiful time of year.
At least I love it.

Kim and I worked in the yard today.  Here's the last of what's happening in our garden now.

Our asters are finishing up.  This is 'Monch'.

The dogwood tree is showing some pretty color.

As is the sumac.

The "girls" come out to enjoy the fall garden.  Here is Peanut, followed by Brazil and Hazel.  (Yes, they're "nuts".)

At over five years old, Tootsie is still the "top chicken".

Here is Hazel, followed by Jelly Bean.
No pics of Ginger.  She was being naughty and digging up the veg garden.

Speaking of the veg garden, the tomatoes are pretty much finished.

A little volunteer snapdragon still working it.

Frankie naps among the old cucumbers.

Some impatiens still blooming on the back porch.  I've brought some inside to try over wintering them.  We'll see how that goes.

Fall blooming crocus among the Lamb's Ears.

Grapes ripening on the back porch.  We use them mostly for shade.  The chickens love when they fall on the ground, and the robins and squirrels fight over the rest of them.

Our "Reading Girl" statue will be wrapped up soon and protected from the freezing of winter.

Mums doing their thing.

We have twelve pumpkins lining our drive way.  (It's a long driveway.)

Scarface still waiting for us to throw his ball.
We've been calling him "Mr. Winky".  He went to the vet last week;  has a problem with his left eye, an ulcer.  Not sure what he's done to it, but we're medicating.  He gets seen again in a couple weeks.  Took just two people to hold him down.  And he's lost ONE pound since January.  We need to work on some more.

The "witch IS in"!  I spent a year or two in a coven!

Hope your fall is absolutely wonderful!


Chris said...

I love this. Thank you for sharing!

Goneferalinidaho said...

Ha ha! I thought I'd sensed a bit of the witch in you (former member myself once lifetimes ago). Are the fall crocus saffron? We have some bulbs to plant, soon!

Barbarapc said...

So much fun seeing the girls go for a toot in the garden - they look like they adore the fall. My colours are in the leaves now - very few flowers. Looks like it is going to be another early and long winter. B.

Jean | said...

Your "girls" really add charm and something indefinable to your garden! I'm thinking reading your blog will inspire me to do more in the garden next time around.


Hi Victoria, I'm starting to enjoy the season now, giving in to the reality that summer is really over. Your garden still has lots of pretty activity. I love your "Nuts." And your kitty too of course. I would love to read about your adventures in a coven. Have you thought about writing about them?