Friday, May 30, 2014

Gifts of Spring

My friend, writer, speaker, gardener and fellow blogger at Seasonal Wisdom, Teresa O'Connor, featured our garden in her article on creating a certified wildlife garden.

You can read her wonderful article at Craftsy.  And hey, she quotes me!

In the meantime, our Laburnum, or Golden Chain Tree, has bloomed this spring!

I'm excited because we've had this tree for quite a few years now, probably ten, and rarely do we get to enjoy it in all its spring splendor.

The main reason we usually miss seeing these blooms is due to a late frost happening here in Boise, which eliminates any chance of them.

You can read all about Golden Chain Trees here, including the fact that they are in the legume family, fussy to grow, and indigenous to Southern Europe.

Those blooms do look like pea blossoms, don't they?

It's a tough tree to photograph since it's still small.  But in the photo above, the tree is just to the right and above Scarface's butt.
I'm certainly thrilled we continued to give this tree a chance.  We've been well rewarded.



Looks like a wonderful tree, Victoria. It always reminds me of Rosemary Verry's "Laburnum Walk" with Allium's globular, purple orbs rising up to meet the cascading yellow flowers of the Laburnum, it's a show stopper combination. I wish I had room for this lovely tree in my garden. Yours looks very happy.

LJB said...

A neighbor of mine has a BIG one of these trees and I LOVE the smell when it is in bloom. Nice profile in the article! We got our yard in Oregon certified as a wildlife garden but just didn't feel the need to do it here. Our yard would qualify...perhaps one day I'll reconsider.

Pat said...

Howdy. Hope you are doing well. I'm good but as you can tell blogger and gardening are not as important to me as before mostly because the garden is pretty much established. Your Golden Chain Tree is awesome. I will try and visit once a week...why ? Because I forgot how uplifting you can be.

andrea said...

Oh wow! Those blooms are gorgeous! Do they have a smell too? Your garden is looking great in the last photo. So inviting! This was a fabulous spring without all the freezing and wind!