Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Cometh

The obligatory snowdrop (Galanthus) photo.  They're what's blooming in our garden now.

Just recently have a blossom on our Hellebore plant.

We've been getting what seems like a lot of rain for Idaho, but it is springtime and that's when we get most of our water;  winter and spring.  So we'll take it even though it's making it difficult to get out in the garden to get anything done.

I can't complain too much with all the nasty weather elsewhere.

Most of the garden still looks like this:

It's nice to remember it will eventually be this:

Scarface doesn't mind the brown back yard.

He even shared it with Felix;  no chasing involved.


EB said...

Yes! I know exactly what you mean about keeping in mind how it will look later. I was thinking today, it's like relishing each life-stage: I have to let the garden have it's March, because not every month can be May, or (our best I think) September. Thanks for your comment on mine. I hope - and I'm sure - your new place will be wonderful it its own way. Do you know yet where you might head to?

EB said...

Oh and also that's the best shot of a snowdrop I've ever seen!

Barbarapc said...

So nice to see the grass, no matter what colour. And to have a few blossoms, spring has really and truly arrived.

LJB said...

I've got my very first snow drops starting - planted some from a friend last fall. Also my Hellebore is doing very nicely. All the rain we've had has really helped kick things into life. The forsythia is just starting to bud out as is my serpentine weeping cherry. I just love this time of year!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I guess we're both lucky we've been getting rain instead of snow! Your firepit area is so pretty!!
Congrats on your news that you will be a grandma soon! Lucky baby to have all those sweet handmade gifts!

Jennifer said...

That is the biggest snowdrop I have ever seen! It fill the frame. LOL Your must have been right down at ground level. Here we have a carpet of white 2 feet deep. I'm with Scarface, I will take the brown any day!


The contrast between your winter and summer photo is stunning. What a delightful area to sit and think and enjoy the fire. Your little darlings look so happy to be outside. And your little blossoms seem to be rejoicing. Finally it's spring!

Goneferalinidaho said...

I am dying to really see what your garden plants are. The winter view gives me hopes that we can do something amazing in ours.

Kathleen said...

That is the most gorgeous snowdrop photo Victoria. They are difficult to photograph well unless you're flat out on the ground (something I won't be doing this year with my knee!) I also love your winter/summer contrasts. Can't wait till it's green & lush!