Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hot Hens

This is Peanut, our Golden Sex Link hen.
She may look as if she's getting ready to voice a pithy chicken saying, but she's really just panting because of the heat.

Here in Boise we are experiencing a bit of a heat wave, even for our desert area.  The temperatures are expected to be in the 100's and up to 108 degrees (42 C) for six consecutive days.

If you have chickens you need to help them survive the stress of such heat.

Some things you can do:

1.  Water.  Always.  Have cool water available to them at all times.
2.  Shade.  Essential in hot weather.

Other options include a mister, an outdoor fan, space for a dust bath, and avoid overcrowding your flock.

Kim and I have been allowing our girls to range in the back yard which has all they seem to require.

For more tips on hot hens:

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Kim and I have been on vacation.  More on that later.


Rosemary said...

So hope you and the girls cool off soon......

garden girl said...

Love those girls! Last year during an extreme heat wave one of my daughter's Buff Orpingtons succumbed to the heat. She was such a sweet hen. It was very sad. Can't help wishing it had been the Silver-laced Wyandotte - that saucy little wench would just as soon take off your finger as look at you.


Hi Victoria, my deepest sympathies as you endure this heatwave. Or maybe you're on vacation somewhere cool?

As I read your suggestions, I thought to myself, other than the "space for a dust bath" all of these apply to me as well. Last weekend I was in Salem with a few garden pals for an art fair. We saw garden misters for sale. It was only the the price that kept me from purchasing one.

Your lawn is so lush and green and your girls look happy as can be.

Have fun and stay cool.

Barbarapc said...

I can't believe how hot it is for you. Hopefully you and the girls have had some respite and are having a delightful holiday somewhere.

Emily said...

it was a super hot summer, yikes. glad your ladies had a nice shady yard to take refuge in.