Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Fall

Here comes fall. I might as well embrace it.
Our sumac tree is doing its usual fall color explosion.
I love this tree and I would love it even more if it didn't sucker up everywhere in the yard.

But I think it's worth it for this kind of brilliancy.

Even the peony foliage is showing color this time of year.

Our dogwood comes up with some great red color for fall.

It just happens to be located where I can keep track of its progress from the kitchen window.
A bit anyway.

Our fall crocus are blooming. Kylie at Our Little Acre has a great post about harvesting the saffron which I should try.

Our monkshood or aconitum, a gift from Lynda at My Boise Life is doing well.

Kim had this harvest from his single pumpkin vine this year.

And I got this idea from reading the Hen Cam blog.

Peanut really dug into that pumpkin. Might be a great way to rid your pumpkins of all that inner slime/seeds.


Unknown said...

Just thought Id stop a leave a comment... blog hopping this morning... Love all your pictures of the Fall leaves... Great pics!!! We are also into Gardening... we just built a greenhouse and into aquaponics... Lots of fun... Have a great day!! Stop by and say Hi at Whitten aquaponics..

Lona said...

Oh my your sumac is just beautiful. I need to plant one just for the fall color. Gorgeous!

Bonnie said...

There is a sumac in my neighbor's yard, not sure where it came from as we live in a city. I assume from a bird or something. But it is putting on a beautiful show.

Emily said...

aww, great idea with the pumpkin! i cleaned out a pumpkin the other day and let my ladies eat all the innards. didn't even think to let them do the hard work. those monkshood are fantastic.

Rosemary said...

Happy Fall to you. Wonderful bright colours.. Love the crocus. Bet the egg yolks will be bright yellow from the pumpkin food..

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

You have some gorgeous fall colors. I am always amazed at how deep red the dogwoods get in the fall.
I bet the chickens had a good time in the pumpkin!!

Chris said...

I love the sumacs we have in our yard as well. And hate the suckers, heh. One of my favorite things is to stand under the largest one when it is in full bloom and listen to all the bees buzzing around in it. That's one of my favorite signs of spring (even if my sumac blooms around summertime).

Kathleen said...

Hi Victoria.
Your sumac is brilliant. I've never planted one because of the suckering but you're right ~ this is the season it shines! The dogwood is gorgeous too. I still have one in a pot that never got planted, hope it makes it thru the winter....
Now I know I "need" some chickens ~ to clean up the pumpkins!!! I'm sure they were happy to get the treat. Enjoy your fall color ~ your monkshood is beautiful too. It looks like it's doing well to me! I wish mine would hurry up & bloom but I think it's not going to make it out of the bud stage. :(

LJB said...

Your Monkshood looks fabulous. I'm enjoying mine as well. We just cut down two big trees to let in some light and are moving things here and there to change some of our back yard space. I want to order some feather lilies to plant in my new area I've created - where did you get yours?


Hi Victoria, You know I enjoy the branching structure on the Sumac. However I've never grown it in my garden. I have one in a container though and it needs to go into the ground soon. I'm hesitant because of the suckering. Decisions, decisions. :)

I love your banner photo with the Saffron Crocus. I bought some Saffron bulbs this year and will try harvesting next year. Yours look so pretty. Did you harvest them?

I bet your chickens really enjoyed munching on that pumpkin. Yum yum! :) Have a great weekend!

Marithé said...

Les couleurs du sumac sont magnifiques à l'automne.
A l'achat de la maison il y en avait deux gros dans le jardin mais ils ont disparu , mais il y en a de nouveaux qui poussent (drageons).

Unknown said...

Nice post! Those monkshood are gorgeous! And I didn't know you guys grew pumpkins this year?! How cool! :) Nice treat for the chickens too, how neat.

sensiblegardening said...

I had no idea that chickens liked pumpkin so much. Our neighbor who sells eggs says his chickens love potaotes.