Monday, September 17, 2012

Vacation Highlights

It would be so easy to go on and on about our great vacation in Glacier National Park.  And believe me, I'd love to.  What better way to keep your vacation going than to never stop talking about it?
But for your sake I'll just give you the high points.

For me that has to include our two night stay at Sperry Chalet, and our 8 mile round trip hike to Sperry Glacier.  Just gorgeous scenery.

I still can't believe Kim managed to get me to walk out on this rock for this photo, as scared as I am of heights.

It had rained a bit that night at the chalet and we woke up to snow in the higher elevations, which of course is where the glacier is located.

It was a beautiful hike with an inch or two of snow.  The alpine trees and flowers were stunning.  There was a lot of fog/clouds which gave everything an eerie but beautiful appearance.

This stairway, cut into a rock cliff, was the final uphill before the glacier.  I almost didn't make it.  The stairs were so steep, and with a layer of snow on them, and the way down soooo distant.  My fear of heights really kicked in here.

We took many hikes around the park and were always glad we did.  Fall colors were settling in and everything looked lovely.

Lake from the highway - an easy pic.

Kim got himself up early and took some sunrise photos of the mountains surrounding one of our hotels.

A rare still morning picture of Swiftcurrent Lake.

We felt very privileged to view as much wildlife as we did.  This mountain goat was especially friendly and seemed very curious about us.

I also loved the Bighorn Sheep.

And would it be Glacier National Park without some bear sightings?  Of course not.

Great trip.  Great food.  Great scenery.  Great company.


Goneferalinidaho said...

I absolutely love the photo of the two of you. That looks like one wonderful trip.

Katie said...

Love the photos, and the photo of you two at the end. I've only been to the park in June/July, so seeing it with snow is interesting!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Think I would have caved on that staircase....yikes!! What beautiful scenery and those early morning shots are breathtaking.
Love the photo of the two of you...very nice!!

Jj said...

Vraiment magnifique, très belles photos, le glacier doit être un très beau souvenir, ainsi que les animaux. Ce doit être un souvenir inoubliable ! J'ai bien reçu les cartes postales, merci beaucoup pour tout, bisous

Rosemary said...

What a wonderful spot, fantastic photos, will pass on the snow!

Barbarapc said...

That's just brilliant - know what you mean about the heights - feel the same way, but so pleased when I finally get there. Suprised to see the lake so clear (great a.m. photo by the way). My memories are of the glacier lakes - we took a paddle at Lake Louise late in the summer and was delighted to watch my paddle disappear in what looked like bright green turquoise milk. And so cold - using metal paddles - fingers were positively purple upon our return. Just have to go back....

Teresa @ Seasonal Wisdom said...

Those are some of the nicest photos I've seen of Glacier National Park. Kudos! So glad you had a great trip. Teresa

Sylvie said...

c'est splendide par ici ! quel beau séjour vous avez du faire !