Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh fall...

Random pictures from some of our walks lately.

Great blue heron on the Boise river.

Some rarely seen chukars.

I can't tell to which species of swan this one belongs.  But it expected a treat we didn't have.

This tree is a perfect example of our weather lately;  between summer and fall.

And yes, we're still overrun with kittens. They're getting bigger. And tamer.

A rare picture of Frankie (in front - who we're keeping), together with his cousin Francine (who we're not planning on keeping.)

And no, to answer your unspoken question, it's not smart to name the ones we're not planning on keeping but we've done so just to know which one it is we're discussing.  So, she's "Francine" until she gets a more permanent home.

And yes, their ears have all been notched.

That's what happens when you take in cats/kittens to the local humane society for spay/neuter.  They insist on the ear notch in case these cats end up living as ferals.  Which they won't.  That's part of why we rescued them.  Doesn't "Francine" look worried?  She is.  She's the shyest of the kittens.

Two of the kittens were outside with Felix playing with...

...this little guy.

First time we've seen a snake of any size in our garden.  (This one was very small.)

Kim rescued and relocated our visitor.


Rosemary said...

Enjoyed the walk with you except for the last Glad it was relocated..

Plant Stands said...

The kittens are adorable and I love the photo of the great blue heron! Any idea what kind of snake that is?

Anonymous said...

Love your excellent photos and even the snake. I would love if a whole slither of snakes could move in and take care of my voles. My cat is doing the best she can averaging 3 a day.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Never saw a chukars, very cool looking birds. We have Great Blue Herons here, boy do they squawk! Your kittens are so cute, there is a stray Siamese I have seen in the area....don't think of that breed as being one that is dumped.
Do you know what kind of snake it is/was?

Emily said...

i love the chukars, i haven't seen those before. such a cute snake! i'm glad it survived kitten playtime :)