Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moving Along

Seems like we've just been busy, busy, gardening and the time is getting away from me. This peony has already bloomed and gone.
Chelsea checks out her domain from the back porch.
Felix follows me through the garden.
We're loving this little columbine.
This is the first year for this clematis 'Pink Champagne.'
And the new set of chicks are growing up fast.
Hope your gardening is going well.


Jennifer said...

Wow! I can't believe how fast the chicks have grown! The columbine is really pretty. No wonder you love it. If only peonies lasted longer!!

Anonymous said...

I love that columbine too Victoria! It's double & ruffly ~ my favorite kind!
Can't believe your peonies are over already?? Ours are just beginning here. Still waiting for blooms on several. The clear pink color is gorgeous.
Love the pink clematis too.
It's a busy time in the garden for sure. I feel the same way you do!
It's good to see your garden & family.

Rosemary said...

Kim and Victoria
Love that clematis and the columbine.... pink is a favourite colour in my garden... New babies are growing fast ...... Eggs soon!okay it will be a while but.............something to look forward to....Spring is lovely here tho very dry.

Lona said...

Oh that peony is so pretty! And I love that columbine. What great blooms and colors. I have never saw the Pink Champagne. You have a lot of company in the garden. LOL! Have a wonderful weekend.