Sunday, April 1, 2012

Winter to Spring

I think I've finally gotten over the hump that is winter. Not that I haven't enjoyed it, winter that is. Our yurt trips were great this year.

Lots of beautiful snow.

But's time to plan for summer.

Kim is way ahead of me in that department.

He has his tomatoes going strong.

And in the cold frame he's planted radishes, carrots, lettuce and chard.

In the veg garden Kim has broccoli, onions, peas and more lettuce planted.

He even planted two baskets with pansies I bought. (To be fair, I was working in the garden at the time.)

I finally managed to plant some vine seeds yesterday. I've been very remiss with my flower seeds this year. Oh well. It does feel good now to have something to anticipate. Those castor beans and vines provide nearly instant gratification the way they germinate so quickly into big seedlings. So I'm looking forward to that.

Felix has been enjoying the garden. Here he is inspecting my new garden path.

And proof that spring is here;

I'm also excited because we have three new chicks on order. I'll be posting pictures of them in a couple of weeks. In the meantime check out Catherine's little beauties.


Dirt Princess said...

Looking good! Cant wait to see the babies

Randy Emmitt said...


Gosh your in the snow and today we planted our annual flowers. The nursery we bought everything at gave us a flat and a half of pansies as they are almost done here. I took them for the compost, shame on me. Soon things will be awesome there!

Lona said...

I am glad you have enjoyed your winter. All the snow looks pretty if I do not have to deal with it. LOL! Kim has been busy and you have so much started already. The tomato plants look wonderful. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love the second pic of all the snow. Is that a yurt? We've been talking about getting to one but haven't. I'm curious...

Sounds like you are really moving along getting seedlings started. I have one raised bed planted but feel I'm getting behind with indoor seeds!

Love the photos of your daffodils so cheery. Can't wait to see the chicks.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I know you are ready for spring, Kim sure has the cold frames full!! Your tomato plants are bigger than mine, good for you.
More chicks eh? What fun.