Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Continues

Well, Halloween is over. (Sad face.)

Here is our sumac about one week ago.

And recently.

Kim and I managed to get out in the garden yesterday and moved a rose bush, hydrangea, helianthus, giant reed grass, various cacti, and we planted the Cherry Bells that Kathleen sent me. (Check out her blog to see all the snow they've had. Amazing.)

We still have 300 tulip bulbs to plant; 150 in our garden and the rest in my daughter's yard. We'll use Kim's drill and auger so it won't be so bad.

A week ago Felix and Jessie were outside playing around the containers. This was before we'd had any frost.

Here's Felix looking particularly sweet.

Now he's more likely to be doing this.........putting a spot of sunshine in the house to good use.

(I can't help myself with all the cat pics. I'm having so much fun with these two new kittens.)

If you didn't make it to see Jeanne's Halloween display (Gone Feral in Idaho) you can catch some great pics of it at her blog.

Here's just a sample;

Also a link to her video.
Amazing stuff. She set the lighting to sync to Halloween music and made all the decor herself. Check out the pics on her blog, it's worth it.

We stayed home for Halloween and treated the kids.

I made some cookies for us, and for my niece. (By the time she sees this post they should have arrived.)

Hope your Halloween was safe and fun.


Southern Lady said...

The cookies look yummy. Felix is such a cutie, I don't blame you for posting kitty pictures! :) Carla

ida said...

Felix is so cute! I'm aaaawing over here. More Felix pictures!

Rosemary said...

Fall is still looking very pretty at your place.... sounds like you are very busy with bulb planting too.
Kittys are so cute.
The cookies are yummy .
Busy you are!

Lona said...

What a sweet kitten. I just love to watch them play.It has pretty white socks too.
Your cookies look so yummy. I like how you colored your leaves. Have a wonderful week.

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

We do not get many kids coming to the door at Halloween here in our semi-rural location. I wish we did. I love Halloween! Felix is adorable! No wonder you take lots of pictures of him!


Please, do not apologize for too many Felix photos. I know I speak for all when I say, we can never have too many of those! Jessie is adorable too. Your fall colors are looking wonderful and those Halloween pics are creeeeepy! And cookies! I'm getting hungry. :) Have a great weekend.

Belladonna said...

Using an auger for tulip bulb holes is a fantastic idea! I planted a BUNCH of new tulips of several different varieties that I got to dig up from the landscaping around the LDS temple before they started their new construction. Can't wait to see them come up in the spring. I also planted hyacinths (pink, white and purple) and have some windflower to still get in the ground. I just love bulbs!

Pat said...

Kittens make smile. Too sweet !

François Xavier said...

Félix a mis des gants blancs à ses pattes, c'est amusant !