Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Shopping

Well it's spring and I can't stay away from my favorite nursery - Edwards.

My friend Teresa and I shopped there late in March and hubbie and I made a trip this week together.

I picked up a few things; some hostas, clematis, coreopsis, ferns, a new dicentra to replace the one the chickens destroyed, agastache, etc.

I couldn't resist these beautiful 'Berry Smoothie' Heucheras. Don't you love that color?

I didn't even try resisting the 'Tiramisu' Heuchera.

I find it so refreshing to see all the plants out, ready for us eager gardeners. Edwards makes me feel hopeful somehow. I guess that's just spring's job, isn't it?

I thought this seating area was very serene looking. And I love those chairs.

I think we'll try planting our veggie garden as densely as their sample garden.

Rows upon rows of plants to choose from.

I thought this castle was pretty clever.

As is this planted dining table.

These trips were fun but I'll be back. My daughter is allowing me to plant her back yard. (I've made her think it's a chore - ha ha ha!)


Emily said...

those chairs are fantastic! so is that table. i NEED an herb table. i thought it was clever over at 36th street bistro how they have pots of herbs at the centers of their outdoor tables, so you can pick off little bits and add to your food...but a whole table of herbs is even better.

Southern Lady said...

I love a visit to a good garden center, don't you? Glad you had fun. Your daughter is a lucky lady. Carla

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Looks like a great nursery. Heucheras are really hard to resist with all the colors they come in, plus the names make me hungry. I love the dining table, you could add your own herbs to your meal.

Randy Emmitt said...

The chairs were very cool, wish we had a spot like that. The Heucheras were nice, we have only one here and it is doing great.

LJB said...

I have not been to Edwards yet - thanks for the tip. Being new to Boise I'm still finding where to go for various things.
Yesterday I noticed our Hostas are starting to emerge - we have quite a few varieties. LOVE this time of year!

Becca's Dirt said...

You're funny girl. Gardening can be work but it is a good kinda work and oh the rewards - soon your daughter will have blooms too. That is nice of you to help her. Love your heuchera selections. This looks like a fun place to visit and pick up some nice plants. The castle is interesting. Hope you both are having a great day.

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Cynthia said...

What inspiring pictures! I can see why you love that nursery. It is so hard for me to not leave with one of everything when I visit nurseries like the one in your post. :)

Kathleen said...

What a cool castle! That's a fun feature to have at the greenhouse and so is the herb table. I love greenhouse shopping although everything is by no means out here yet. That won't be until May. It's still fun to go tho. Your heuchera choices are excellent. Your daughter is so lucky to have you planting/designing her garden. You all have done an amazing job on yours so I know it will look great.

Rosemary said...

Thanks for the greenhouse tour, some wonderful ideas. I envy the heucheras but since I kill them will admire them from afar...

Pat said...

As soon as I saw the word SHOPPING
(in your blog title)...well, just had to come and take a look.
Ok,I want all the Heucheras,the dinning table also those great chairs.

Maybe tomorrow we'll do some shopping ourselves.
fun fun fun