Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Rest of the Yurt

We enjoyed the usual activities at the yurt; snowshoeing, sledding, eating, drinking, relaxing. There are a few chores to keep up on - hauling in wood for the fire and snow to melt for water and shoveling snow off the deck.

One of the biggest chores at least to me, is the walk down to the outhouse. Especially at night. More on that later.

We took our usual pretty snow and tree and mountain pictures but also as we looked around we noticed a few new things to see up close.

We noticed these crystals on a tree one morning;

And during a snowshoeing "hike" we saw what looks like "snow feathers" on another tree:

So pretty.

My newest socks were great for the yurt. I knitted them with DK weight yarn on size 1 needles so they're nice and thick and warm.

We had a good time. We'll go back. Soon.


Goneferalinidaho said...

Those are lovely photos. I could smell the trees.

Randy Emmitt said...


Loved the snow 'feathers' very cool. I like roughing it, but a walk to the outhouse in that kind of weather in the middle of the night... Oh my!

robert said...
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Rosemary said...

Brr the walk to the facilities.. love the socks

Barbarapc said...

The snow feathers are positively fairy-like. What a great idea to have a winter retreat. There's nothing like bringing your mind back to simple chores and quiet photography to really restore the soul.

Emily said...

your new socks are lovely...i really like the idea of knitting them on tiny needles so they're thick and tight knit.