Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Strange Things

Weird thing number one:

Remember our "top" chicken, Tootsie, who usually looks so gorgeous?

Well, now she looks like this:

No, she hasn't been plucked by some random predator. She's molting. (And yes, that is a chicken butt in the second photo. You just saw a chicken butt. *gotta laugh here* )

First time for all of us. Just wish she hadn't picked so late in the year to do it. The weather here is turning chilly rather quickly now. Supposedly she'll be finished in a couple of months. We'll be giving her some extra protein (suggestions are organic liver and/or yogurt) and keeping an eye on her. She'll probably stop laying during this time. For her sake I hope she does put a pause on her egg production in order to retain the energy she needs to produce new feathers.

Wish her luck. I suppose she'll be followed quickly by Ginger and Jelly Bean.

Weird thing number Two:

My Pink Blush aloe plant bloomed!

I think this is cool because I've never done well with succulents. (I tend to over water.)

Pretty, huh?

Question; what do I do with that "pup" on the stem?

Good news; we've been getting some rain. Finally.

Any weirdness happening in your world?

Update: Here is where Tootsie spends most of her time outside the coop now; on the backporch behind the couch. Hiding, I guess. It must be true, when chickens are molting it really affects their personalities. At least during the night she's sleeping inside the nesting box and staying warmer. Whether she's doing that in order to stay warm or because she's allowed the other chickens to bully her off her favorite roost, I'm not sure. She's a sad little chicken now and I don't like it.
I am looking forward to this business being over and for her to be back to her high and mighty self.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Happy for the Aloe blooming! What fun. As for the molting, I have a friend who has some chickens and I have seen hers do that. Kind of messy looking.

Goneferalinidaho said...

We still have blossoms on our tomatoes. Looks like tonight is it for those summer veggies.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Now, my life is fulfilled! I saw a chicken's b...! Thank you people! I hope she won't be too cold!
Aloe bloom is exciting too! As for the pup, I guess you might want to separate and plant it. Good luck!

Katie said...

Chicken butt! Sweet.....

Pretty aloe. I have no idea what to do with pups.

We had a massive January-like storm roll through here this weekend, and now it's so cold I can see my breath at night/early morning. It's warmer in Connecticut than NorCal right now....so that's weird!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

The feathers must have been falling off due continuous laying of eggs.... :) give tootsie a pullover!

Pat said...

You would have to do a post on weird things.
And what's with the weather...that is weird.

Kathleen said...

awww, poor Tootsie. I feel sad for her too. Having no experience, I didn't know this happened. I hope she grows her new feathers in quickly. You're so right ~ this is not the time of year to have a bare butt!