Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boiling Springs

Kim and I managed to fit in one camping trip this summer and it was a lot of fun. We went to Boiling Springs with our daughter Vanessa and her boyfriend Chris.

You can see the steam off the hot springs in the early morning. Maybe that's why it's named Boiling Springs.

Here we are enjoying those hot springs.

We indulged in the usual camping activities.

Sitting around doing nothing;

Taking some mini-hikes;

Seeing some butterflies and taking pics.

Smelling trees because Vanessa told us some of them smell like vanilla. (And some do!)

For one of our dinners we made campfire meals. They were a big hit. In case you've never had them here's what you do.

Step One: Lay out some aluminum foil and put together your personal meal from a variety of foods such as potatoes, corn, peppers, onions, meats, cheese, tomatoes, etc. Add olive oil and seasonings to taste.
(I had par-boiled most of the veggies.)

Step Two: Wrap them up nice and tight in 4 to 5 layers of foil.

Step Three:
Arrange them around the campfire, turning occasionally.

Step Four:
Play a few games of Blongo while they cook. (For about one hour.)

(This is a great game, especially since I could play it with one hand while still holding a glass of wine in the other.)

Then enjoy!

Great time.


Rosemary said...

This vacation looks like it was a great time . Loved the fire dinner.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful place to go camping the hot springs must have been a real treat.
Those butterflies are beautiful, I like the colors.
And dinner . . . I've been so busy sitting here trying to get that Dahlia post on with a kazillion pictures I'm starving. Yours all look so good I'm ready to bash in the computer screen and grab!

D said...

Kim and Victoria,

Now that was a relaxing camping trip and your meal looks fantastic! We sometimes do a similar thing on the grill.

Your last landscape photo is quite lovely, but that first shot... simply gorgeous capture!

Hope all is well in Idaho.

PS. We just got back from wine country and like your idea of a nice "glass" in hand. ;)

robert said...
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