Wednesday, May 19, 2010

From Spring to Summer

Well spring seems to be past us now and all of a sudden we're heading into summer.

I managed to spend some time actually gardening today and I couldn't believe all the plants that are blooming right now. How did this happen? It all seems to have been in the past few days.

The iris are coming into bloom out front.

They're looking and smelling great.

And along with them the Blue Flax are brightening the front garden.

Onto the back garden....

A few columbines are showing their pretty faces.

The bluebells I planted last year.

and alliums, bluets,

amethyst in snow,

Fireworks clematis,

early daisies,

and the tree peony has bloomed and gone.

(There are also plenty of weeds which I won't bother showing you. I suspect you've seen a few too many of those yourself.)

We've lost a few plants this year. We suspect it was due to the cold snap we had in early December. One of the hydrangeas didn't make it along with our ligularia and a tree peony. The wisteria vine we've had for years is just starting to open a few leaves. We're hoping it recovers but it should be blooming now.

My Golden Chain Tree is actually blooming so I'm excited that in the future it will come around and become a "real" tree someday.

The garden has just been full of all sorts of birds today; blue buntings and goldfinches along with some I couldn't identify. I didn't manage to take any good pics but I really have enjoyed watching them and hearing their sweet singing.

Happy gardening everyone. Hope you're enjoying the beginning of summer.


Goneferalinidaho said...

Lovely flowers. I think we like the same palette. I didn't put two and two together, but we do have some really slow starters this year. One of our older roses is barely sprouting new leaves and one of the trees is really behind. That cold snap killed about 6 new perennials I put in last summer.

Barbarapc said...

Thanks for the floral tour. I love that flax. At this time of year if you blink you're bound to miss something. I really find it interesting to see the timing of your plants and how it differs from ours. The alliums are coming into bloom now - but peonies won't be out for a week or two. Sorry about the tree peony - they can be so dear - remember an instructor telling us to spend as much as we could afford because the plant will outlive us...perhaps not the best advice afterall.

Southern Lady said...

I love the birds and blooms. You are not alone with the weeds. I have a bunch of them! Carla

D said...

Lovely bouquet of flowers growing in your garden! and what would we do without our feather friends?

Yesterday we had high winds and rain, and today we are supposed to have a colder day (55) and continued off and on rain... (just saw a double rainbow); all the iris blossoms are becoming tattered and waterlogged ;(( Have a great rest of the week.

Laura Paine Carr said...

Wow! Blooms did burst out, didn't they! Beautiful. I so agree with all of the comments... birds and flowers brighten our world with their pure, complete beauty.

Weeds? What's that?