Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meet Our Coldframe

And I call it our coldframe because it's not heated, so to me it's not a greenhouse.

But it works for our purposes.

Kim started lettuce, radishes and carrots in there a few months ago.

I'm hoping we can get more use out of it by installing some beds and growing some cold crops during the fall/winter season. That's my plan anyway, we'll see what happens.

Our biggest use for it now is for our seedlings. The tomatoes love the heat and sun it provides.

Kim installed an auto vent so the window will open when it heats up too much during the day. At night when the temp falls too low we haul all the tender plants into the house.

My various seedlings are doing pretty well this year. I'm happy with them.

The Empress clematis I bought earlier this year has already bloomed in the coldframe. Love that flower.

And thanks to whichever blogger it was that suggested overwintering geraniums. Two of mine from last year have sprouted and are looking great.


David said...

Congratulations on the "cold frame" it looks beautiful and I know you'll get lots of enjoyment from it. Congrats again!

Rosemary said...

Wow that is one impressive cold frame... love the clematis. What a lot of pleasure you will get from this even in the colder weather. Look forward to reading more stories as you embark on this new adventure in gardening.

Southern Lady said...

Love the cold frame. It looks like it is full of goodies! Carla

Pat said...

Great job Kim !
The cold frame/greenhouse has gotta be fun to have.
Think by the time a cold frame would be of value here(right temps at night) would be about now which is a month behind schedule. That Empress clematis is stunning.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It's really nice! It looks like your plants are all very happy in there. 'Empress' is so pretty, might have to look for that one since a couple of my Clematis didn't come back. Looking forward to seeing all your veggies.

Dirt Princess said...

WOW!!! Nice little cold frame you got there! My greenhouse is definitely a HOT house! Too hot in fact. I had to move it into a more shaded area!

Prairie Chicken... said...

Ugh I want a cold frame soooo bad!
You're seedlings look amazing!

D said...

Your plants look like they are loving your cold frame! I get more and more excited each day with the growth on the vegetables. Spring is definitely here.

Kathleen said...

Okay, Victoria ~ it looks like a greenhouse to me!!! I'm thinking there must be some way to heat it ~ then even you would agree it's a greenhouse. Whichever you prefer, it's terrific. I'm sure it helps a LOT when it comes to seed starting and overwintering. Just look at how healthy and vigorous all your plants are. 'Empress' is gorgeous. Like a pink version of 'Multi Blue.'