Friday, September 25, 2009


I used various sources to bake these delicious scones this week.

The first source was, of course, work, where we make fresh scones daily. Occasionally Lucy bakes pesto/sun dried tomato scones at the co-op. They're so tasty I decided to make some at home for Kim and I.

The second and third sources were, of course, my blogger buddies. I made my own homemade pesto sauce using a recipe from Silence at Poor Richard's Almanac.

And since it's been tomato harvesting season lately, I used a recipe from Connie at Notes From a Cottage Garden to make my own "sun-dried" tomatoes.

I added a bit of shredded cheese when I layered the pesto and tomatoes onto the rolled out scone batter and the result was worth the wait and effort.



Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Oh, lovely scones... It has been long since the last time Kakdah did scones. ~bangchik

Unknown said...

Gee, I haven't made scones for years. I probably should do that since I seem to be falling back into my old domesticated self mode again. I'm worried about that too. For a few years I finally got my priorities straight - like not cooking so much and baking and only cleaning when it looked ready to plant in the dust fields and things like that. Now I find I've been baking Pineapple Zucchini Bread like crazy to keep Bob happy, freezing some, making freezer jam which I NEVER did before, cleaning binges and all kinds of strange things. Hmmmm think I liked being in my 2nd childhood better!
Back to the scones - I learned to make them in HomeEc and use to bake them all the time. I heard some disheartening news the other day - my Sister In Law said my niece's school doesn't have HomeEc. Is this something that is happening everywhere? Very sad I think.
Your scones look like a picture in a magazine - very nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh man! This looks absolutely divine and scrumptious! I love scones, too. Reading about yours made me think about my mother who made scones for every special occasion. Loved it.

Pat said...

Picture perfect !
Darn that looks good,who wants to eat out with a cook like you...way to go !

Heather said...

Man, oh man.... that looks so yummy and since I know where you live I'll be right over! lol. Very pretty food. I hope it was as enjoyable as it was beautiful~

Randy Emmitt said...

Victoria and Kim,

Wow great looking scone! Glad to see you have a cool co-op, we shop at ours all the time, they sell mostly local produce and thier own bakery goods too.

Rosemary said...

Will use some of my pesto and sun dried tomatoes for this recipe, they look so good!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Decadent! Ohhhhhh.... Drooling!
BTW, since you are going to Kauai, you might want to put on your list kayaking/hiking trip (my post The Story Of The Dirty Sneakers).

Unknown said...

These must have been the wonderful aroma wafting over the fence! :)

Connie said...

Looks absolutely delish! But I can only dream, as gluten intolerance keeps me from this kind of treat. Do you bake any gluten free goodies at the Co-op?

Victoria Williams said...

Connie, I wish we did make some gluten free foods, but we're not a totally gluten free bakery, and I'm told it doesn't work otherwise.

François-Xavier said...

ça m'a l'air bien bon, je ne connais pas, mais je sais que ma chère cousine va m'envoyer la recette en français bien entendu, et par mail !!??