Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Winnings

Thanks to Terra at Terra Garden I won the book The Night Watchman by Mark Mynheir. Great book. I love a good mystery. And this was a good one.

My one, well...... not complaint, but question, I guess, is, is the author a christian? And is he employing this belief in his novel?

OK, never mind. From his website: "Over thirteen years ago, during a health crisis involving his oldest son, Mark gave his life to Jesus Christ. Shortly after his conversion, he felt God leading him in a new direction: writing. Now he balances dual careers as a police officer and novelist."

I definitely enjoyed reading the book. The story line was great, the characters engaging. And I was looking forward to some follow up novels.

I'll probably still read them when they're published. (As I'm assuming Mynheir will continue this series.)

As an agnostic the christian aspect is a little off putting. But for these characters I am interested enough to look forward to the next one.

And a huge thanks to Terra for having this giveaway on her blog.

(Gees, I must get my act together and host a giveaway of my own.)

And a huge thanks to Debbi at Aunt Debbi's Garden for sending me some great seeds and a nifty handmade bookmark.
Gees, I LOVE getting free seeds!!!


Anonymous said...

You know, I have seen this exact circumstance in other books as you have had in this one. It is a bit off putting, but I give the author one more chance. If it gets worse or continues on the same path, then I just give up and move on. :-)

Pat said...

Congrats again !!
Must check out these contest. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice prizes indeed. I'm always up for a good mystery novel. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Unknown said...

Wow, how many presents! I'm so happy for you! I am giving prizes, so far I didn't received anything. :) But... the night is young, right? :)

Kathleen said...

Sounds like a good book Victoria. Congrats on winning. I've never hosted a blog giveaway either. Does that mean I need to get on the ball too??!!!!