Friday, June 26, 2009

Idaho Garden Bloggers Tour

Well I think it's too late to panic now.

They'll be here tomorrow.

Teresa, Mary Ann, Heather and Nat.

The Official (well, actually unofficial) Idaho Garden Bloggers Tour begins tomorrow.

At our house.

The five of us, six actually; including Beth, have been visiting each others blogs for some time now. Inevitably I thought it would be nice to meet for coffee or some such innocent activity. Then Kim piped up and said, "Why not visit each other's gardens?" Duh! Of course! [smack self on forehead].

So there ensued multiple emails and planning and decisions and scheduling adjustments. And now it begins.

I have to admit a week ago I was scrutinizing our garden when I kind of, really did, freeze up in fear. My mind went something like this, "What was I thinking???"

Yes, a little panic crept in there. Inviting gardeners to our garden? REAL gardeners.
What if I miss a weed? A weed? What if I miss one ton of weeds????? Is it too late to spend a bunch of money at the garden center? Why oh why did I plant those flowers next to each other? Why didn't we finish ___________________________?????

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Somehow this will all turn out OK. Right?

Yes it will.

What I'm really looking forward to is visiting THEIR gardens. That will be great.
Can't wait. I just wish Connie and Candace could be included in the schedule. I would love to visit their gardens. But since they garden at the other end of Idaho, visiting them would involve a 7 hour drive - one way. Perhaps one day we'll get up there.

I'll take some pics while they're here. (Or Kim will).


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Love "The Scream" I feel your panic! Before meeting with Les and Helen in Suffolk, Helen mentioned coming up here to see my garden and Racquel's garden...(picture me screaming!) You all will have a great time. Will look forward to hearing about the visit and seeing photos!!

Randy Emmitt said...

Victoria and Kim,
Here is the deal. Call your garden a butterfly garden then having weeds is a good thing. Weedy garden do attract more butterflies. Even lambs quarters is a butterfly host plant you know.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Victoria, you really do have good things going on with Idaho Garden Bloggers Tour.... But is it OK if you let the weeds on, and wait for the rest to come and do weeding together... hmmm.

Or garden is supposed to be spotless clean and visitors give mark in some kind of auditing activity for the best garden in Idaho...

Anyway, goodluck! We can understand the tense.... haha.

~ bangchik

garden girl said...

I'll bet the real gardeners visiting your garden have real gardens themselves too - weeds, imperfections and all. I was so busy as part of the organizing committee for for Spring Fling this year I had little time to mess with my own garden, or to worry about it being seen by one of the SF participants who stayed here with me during the event.

During Spring Fling in Chicago not one of the may gardens we visited was perfect, not even the ones that have large staffs caring for them. Most had a few (or more) weeds, some had empty spots, some had newly-planted areas that looked sparse.

Even public gardens like Chicago Botanic Garden and Lurie Garden had some weeds, bare spots, and could have used some deadheading here and there. So anyway, try to relax and enjoy the visit. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

How fun! I've had those same feelings when a gardener looks at my garden, even photos on my blog I've had those feelings about. I'm sure it looks just as beautiful in person as it does in your pictures. Have a great time!

Kathleen said...

Oh Victoria ~ you have nothing to worry about ~ what I've seen of your garden is STUNNING. I wish I could come along and see it in person. What a great idea too. Enjoy the tours and meeting each other. If there were more bloggers in my area, I'd like to do the same kind of thing.

lisa said...

Sounds like fun, although I'd feel the same way for sure! Heck, I was hyperventilating about going to the Spring Fling in Chicago, and it's nowhere near my home! (I was sad AND relieved when it turned out that I couldn't afford to go :) BTW, I was glad to read in the comments here that lamb's quarters is a host plant for butterflies, and that weedy gardens attract more of them in wonder I have so many butterflies at my place! ;-)

Mary Ann said...

Victoria, come on over here in the next few days. You can see just how far behind I am and it will make you feel a lot better. I hope we aren't about manicured spaces, but loved spaces. I am looking forward to meeting YOU and KIM and your garden is second. Oh, and the other gardeners/bloggers. Till then...

Megan said...

I know what you mean, I never have anyone over to see the garden, it's just not DONE yet. But I have been stalling too long. I'll have to let some people in. Oh, the anxiety.