Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Bulbs and Stubborn Tulips

We've had 80˚ weather for the past few days. Yeah, it's WAY above normal, like 20˚ above. The garden has been going into full-swing spring motion. Everything seems to be blooming ASAP.

I really like this double daffodil.

And this one also.

A couple more daffodils blooming now, but soon to be overcome by the heat.

I just love the look of these Professor de Monsseri tulips blooming along the "Bunny Fence."

In the front garden we have one spot for spring color which centers around the birch tree. It is the only part of the front garden that is watered regularly.

Notice the color scheme? Pinks, purple, white, some mauve. Just like this nice color coordinated tulip.

OK, not bad, huh?
Now look at this.

That's right. Those darn orange tulips I tried to get rid of are back, as usual. We must have planted them 10 years ago, at least. And they just won't go away even though I've dug them up.
They certainly don't fit into my color scheme for this area, but I guess they and Mother Nature have other plans and who am I to mess with them?
So, they'll be staying. At least they're pretty.

Do you try to color coordinate your spring bulbs?


Megan said...

I sort of like those tulips that just won't quit, despite being dug up. They're spunky and tenacious. I'd have a hard time getting rid of them if they're so determined to stick around.

Rosemary said...

Gorgeous flowers..I too would have to make the orange tulips work.....tough that they are.

our friend Ben said...

Gorgeous photos (and flowers), Victoria! I especially love the Professor. As for those orange tulips, just remember that orange and lavender are complementary colors! Tell everyone you did it deliberately.

Dirt Princess said...

WOW! Those are all beautiful! Your yard in awesome! The daffodils and tulips are great! Thanks so much for sharing.

BTW - Bilbo is in Jackson, MS. Check out my post for a link to Law of the Land

Unknown said...

Your tulips are gorgeous!

Kathleen said...

lol at color coordinating bulbs! I am usually so ambitious when it comes to buying them, then struggle to get them planted, let alone coordinated. Your double daffodils are sensational. I want some of those and the professor tulips. We've had a couple days of above average temps too. It's been wonderful but it sure will be hard to slip back into the 50's like they're forecasting for this weekend.

Bek said...

You wouldn't know the name of your orange tulips? I really need some which don't disappear after a year. And it just happens that orange is one of my favorite colors when it comes to flowers:)

Genie said...

The orange tulips are really gorgeous, even if they don't go with your color scheme. My Mom believed that every quilt had to have at least one mistake in it and if she didn't have a mistake on one, she'd create one. I don't remember her reasoning but it was always fun to find the mistake. I'll think of your orange tulips as the one off-centered square in your quilt of a garden.