Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seedling Update

Well, I don't know. They're growing. Just doesn't seem as if they're doing their best, if you know what I mean.

Here are the Mountain Garland, the seeds were a gift from Connie.

They're doing very well. Tall, strong.
They should look like this when blooming.

And the description: "A delightful annual flower, native to California, which is easily grown throughout the United States. This species of Clarkia is often confused with Rocket Larkspur at first glance. Compact blossoms are arranged on spikes in soft pastel shades of pink to salmon or purplish hues. The tall stems are deep purple in color making identification easy prior to flowering. Prefers full sun but will grown in partial shade. Can tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions but avoid heavy clay soils. You will be tickled pastel!!!"
(I think I will be tickled with them.)

The Love Lies Bleeding (Amaranthus cauditis) are doing well. I may try to pinch some of them back and use them in a hanging basket this year. I've read about people doing that and I think that could look great if it works.

I can tell they look very tall in this shot. They're actually just a couple of inches so far.

Eventually they'll look like this. If all goes well.

The salvias and foxgloves are coming along. Just seems as if they should be bigger, you know what I mean? The salvia germinated mid-March, the foxglove early March.

And speaking of doing poorly. My little tomatoes are just that, little.
I won't give up on them. Patsi sent me the seeds. Hers were lovely last year. If only I could do her justice.

I probably just didn't get them started early enough. They germinated mid-March.
We keep the tender annuals indoors under lights unless the weather is nice, then they get transported to the coldframe for some nice heat and sunshine. I never let them feel anything less than 50˚ temps.

I planted all my vines, cosmos and zinnias a week ago.
This Cardinal Climber from Patsi is coming on strong.

I think it was Patsi who also sent me some Hyacinth Bean vine, which I hadn't grown in a while. Since Kim is in the process of building a replacement for my old willow arch I decided I would need some new fast growing vines for it. Of course it will have plenty of morning glory vines (Ipomoea) as well.

And Connie also sent me these sunflower Ruby Eclipse seeds.

They look dark and beautiful already.

Are you growing plants from seed?
How are yours doing?


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Your amaranthus looks healthy and neat.... I guess they will grow and bloom well soon!!!... bangchik

Ginger said...

I have seen that amaranthus in seed catalogs but never in real life. It looks SO COOL. I'll be interested to see how it grows for you.

Your seedlings are off to a great start!

Kathleen said...

You have a lot of great seedlings going Victoria. That clarkia looked interesting until I read it doesn't grow in clay soil! Whoa. Stop there for me. I have Inula, sunflowers, columbine, mimosa, cup & saucer vine & an assortment of other annuals growing but they don't look near as big & healthy as yours.

Balisha said...

Thanks for stopping by and reading this morning. I love the way you describe your yard. I am going to read more see some more of your ideas.
My seedlings are getting ready to go if the weather will only cooperate. We don't usually plant until Mother's Day weekend, but after tending the little guys in the house...It's always tempting to put them out earlier. Patience...

Unknown said...

Yours are much farther along than mine! I think things are looking pretty good there.
Oh, about your Dogwood comment, it's funny you should mention that yours is white. I wanted a white one, and it was labeled as such. But... it's pink. But I can't complain, either. Mine was free as well, a housewarming gift from my mother a few years ago.

Anonymous said...
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Dirt Princess said...

I heard a little golden boy was coming to visit you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ginger said...

Kim and Victoria - send me your address so I can put Bilbo on a plane your way!! I sent an email to you.

Ginger @ Law of the Land :)

Unknown said...

Quite frankly my seeds are doing poorly thank you! LOL but I still have some in the packets I'm just going to throw everywhere after danger of frost is past!
Yours on the other hand are looking great! I love your Love Lies Bleeding. That is so gorgeous I think I need some. And I love the color of the Ruby Eclipse. Those are really pretty.
Looks like someone will have a beautiful bunch of flowers from seeds this summer and it isn't me! LOL Well maybe - I'm still crossing my fingers on the others.
Did you get a message from Vera too that you deleted?