Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rain, rain..........Please Stay!

From this morning's Idaho Statesman:


Wednesday: 0.15"
Month to date: 0.31"
Normal month to date: 0.39"
Year to date: 2.64"
Normal year to date: 4.33"

What a difference a week can make in my attitude.
Last weekend (my weekend, not Sat and Sun),
I was whining and whining about the nasty, chilly, rainy weather.
Today, not so much. Our area is at about half our normal precipitation for this time of year. Time to catch up! So, no whining from me!

OK. That's decided. Now what?

Well, first off, let's start the day off with a nice cuppa joe. Or, a latte made on the cheap (but useful and much appreciated) espresso machine I earned by filling out polls online with Harris Polls Online.


Ahhhhhh. That's better. (I always use decaf, of course.)

And now, how about a little walk around the wonderfully sodden garden? Never mind that I have a ton of chores to do in the garden. Did I mention how wet it is out there???
No, no, no. We're happy about the rain, remember?

The daffodils are drinking up all that water.


Although they are struggling to stay upright in order to accomplishment that drink.


The Professor de Monsseri tulips are beginning to show their color.


The lupins are soaking it up.


The always reliable Allium giganteum are coming on strong.


And perhaps our Fritillaria imperialis will bloom this year. I moved them two years ago. I hope they've adjusted by now. We'll see. At least they're growing.


The forecast is party cloudy for today and more rain for tomorrow. Whoo Hoo!


Rosemary said...

Wishing you lots of rain....
so envy how far along your spring garden is the tulip.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Beautiful!!! I love the Lupin shot with that giant drop of water.

Dirt Princess said...

Great droplet shots. I love the espresso....makes me want one! Glad you are getting some wet weather there...making those plants shoot right on up!

Brenda said...

It's sprinkeling here... so hopefully it will move your way over the weekend.

Birdie and Tom-Keepers of the garden. said...

Hey send some of that rain this way!

Genie said...

I'd kill to be sick of rain! This drought is awful. And the afternoons are getting quite hot--my a/c died last night. I'd give anything for some rain clouds right now.

Awesome garden pix! I don't envy your latte, I'm drinking my morning Earl Grey iced today just to keep cool.

Barbarapc said...

May those spring showers continue! Daffs are just the best on cloudy rainy days. Love the water droplet photos - haven't grown lupins in years - they really do have some of the loveliest leaves don't they?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh what a feast for my winter-weary eyes! And of course a delicious cup of coffee is always welcome too.

Us? We've got lots of mud and a few crocuses.

Connie said...

Beautiful rain pics, Victoria! They kind of make me thirsty. We are having a bit of dry warm weather which is much appreciated in order to get some outside work done. The daffs are finally blooming after a little sunshine.

garden girl said...

We had our deluge last week - nice and sunny today here! It was 29 degrees this morning when I woke up, now we're up to 54 beautiful degrees!

Lots of pretties coming up and blooming in Idaho! Enjoy the rain - looks like your garden is loving it!

our friend Ben said...

Such gorgeous photos! The daffs especially cheered me up. Thanks for sharing them!

Unknown said...

Your photos with raindrops on them are absolutely gorgeous. Almost makes me want it to rain so I can run out with my camera. I did say ALMOST didn't I? I know it's coming because we have had 4 or more beautiful 'rainless' days and some of those were even warm!
Thanks so much for visiting and taking 'my journey' with me. I am so honored that you felt like you were right there with me! Makes me want to take another one. ;-)

Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

Dear me. . .do lupins emerge at the same time as jonquils? My daffs are all bonnetted, but no sign of the lupins. Did they DIE???

Heather said...

Hi Victoria- I would love some rain too, just after I plant all my new fruit trees. I scored 2 at Bi-Mart in Weiser for 11.99 ea. and 2 more at Walmart for 22.00 each. I know the quality won't be as good but fruit is fruit if it lives. Rain after 11:00 am tomorrow would be great. It's sprinkling now. lol

Kathleen said...

You are in a similar moisture deficit as we are Victoria. I would welcome rain too as long as it isn't snow. I'm ready to be done with that for the season! Your garden looks so pretty. What zone are you in? I still don't have a tulip open and I wish my fritillaria was only up as much as yours ~ it would have stood a chance then (the one still looks frozen from the storm last weekend) Enjoy the rain while it lasts.

Jayne said...

I love that you are happy about the rain! We get such a lot of it in England that we forget how much it's needed by drought ridden areas. I would be very unpopular if I was so happy about the rain over here!!
Love the blog and the pictures