Thursday, March 5, 2009

Race Training Update

Oh yeah. The training continues for the Race to Robie Creek.

Nine miles today.

Nine miles.


And I'll tell you what a person (this person) needs after running nine miles.
A nice, long, hot, bath.

Did I take one, you ask? No. I met some people for lunch instead. Thought I was going to starve to death before I got there. Then I spent two hours running errands just in time to leave for knitting group.

Are my feet sore? Am I tired? Have I mentioned I have a bad knee and falling arches???? Am I looking forward to the END of training and the END of this race?

Yeah, just a bit.

I've been reading some facts about this year's race. The theme is the Blue Period, paying tribute to Pablo Picasso, because the organizers are feeling a little blue;

"They are feeling the effects of the recession, including loss of jobs. They are feeling blue over the loss of their retirement funds. They are feeling fat and
wish they had trained harder. They are feeling those donuts and beer they consumed last night. Blue is a good color to describe them right now."

All participants are encouraged to wear their favorite blue attire on race day. There will be porta-potties at the start and finish, and along the course. (Those could come in handy). The race will be chip timed, starting at noon and finishing timing at 5PM. (Vanessa and I will, WILL, be finished by then.) And there is a post race party: blue food, blue music and beer. Sounds good to me.


glenda said...

I love your garden, do you ever sell any seeds ro plants

Victoria Williams said...

Glenda, I don't sell seeds, but I'd be happy to give you some for free.

Rosemary said...

Oh my, 9 miles, good on ya!
Reading all that you did, makes me tired.
Like your new look on your blog title.

garden girl said...

Wow - I'm impressed. I'd probably be dead if I tried to run nine miles!

Mmmm. . . donuts and beer! Never mind the rest - that combo would be enough to turn me blue too. . . er, maybe green.

Connie said...

The title of one of my favorite books comes to mind....'Strong Women Stay Young'. I admire your courage and dedication.
BTW, I love your new Tulip header!

Genie said...

I can't imagine running a quarter of a mile with my knees, let alone nine. You rock!

Gonna have fun with a blue outfit or just find something blue and COMFORTABLE for the run?

Bek said...

Very impressive!!