Thursday, March 26, 2009

Looking forward to Spring and a Meme

Not much going on in the garden at the moment although Kim has been very busy with the garden cleanup. This is the front garden during the summer:

Kim has cut it all back and raked up the leaves and it now looks like this:

But soon there will be tulips and phlox blooming under the birch tree.

One daffodil is close to blooming in the back garden:

Helen at Garden Reflections posted a cool meme on her blog. I thought I'd give it a try.
Instructions: Google your name plus "is" in quotation marks. Copy the first five matches in which sentences containing "XXX is ...." And add them to your blog.


1. Victoria is latest Beckham to model underwear! (ha ha ha)

2. Victoria is Domingan President. (???)

3. Victoria is looking a little eww but her blackberry is fab. (well, maybe)

4. Victoria is a good actress. (never)

5. Victoria is worth more than her image. (she hopes so)


Unknown said...

I love all your Gaura! I am definitely going to buy a couple of those the moment they pop up at the nurseries. Happy Spring!

bs said...

oh wow! these comparison shots are really helpful for me. i often feel like i have a poor sense of what my garden will look like from one season to the next. i should take more large views like this. thanks for sharing!

Pat said...

What a difference 6-7 months makes !
Like your new header...artsy.

Rosemary said...

The Daffodil is making a proud first show! Garden is looking so neat and clean , ready to go!Always amazing to see the difference a few warm days make on a garden.... wishing you lots of warm days.....

Anonymous said...

lovely garden pictures once again! I can't believe it's almost that time around here too - maybe a little while longer on the daffodils for us . . . but they're coming.

ha ha good meme! I'll have to give that a try too lol

Anonymous said...

I like your blog and what you are doing. Very nice work from two talented people. We planted some bamboo today. Non invasive dwarf style.

Bek said...

What a difference between summer and late winter. It always amazes me to see a garden growing.

Genie said...

I love the second shot, it shows just how varied and gorgeous your garden is when it's all grown in. I'm amazed at the thought you put behind your garden design.

Katie said...

I actually saved a copy of the picture of your driveway when you posted it last summer - it is very inspiring!

Unknown said...

First, thanks for stopping by my place.
WoW! I love your nice long driveway with flowers on each side. A beautiful entrance when someone comes to visit to see that right off! I've been all over the place so guess I'll just comment on this post. Your garden show looked great. I loved the bicycle that said 'flowers' on it - it was so different from most other old bicycles ya see. And the waterfall was super - I think you're right it would be within reach of most of us to do.
But I really loved the pink flamingo story and how they sold all of them.
Great post(s) and very enjoyable. Now I think I'll go do the google thingie!

Terra said...

This is a cool meme, I agree, and I will try it.
With my first name being Terra, I wonder what in the world I will find.
Thanks for finding my blog and leaving a comment today.
Your blog header is so glorious and colorful!