Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I finally got around to planting some seeds - even if it is March already. Felt great to work in the soil. This year we bought Black Gold seedling mix. I like this product and have great expectations for my seedlings.

It's wonderful to have a spare bedroom to lay out trays for the seedlings and lights.

I'm about a month behind in my normal planting schedule, but that just means less transplanting later, right? (At least that's how I'm comforting myself.)

Here are the geraniums,

and salvia with lobelia and foxglove in the background,


1. impatiens
2. petunia - salmon velvet, prism sunshine, cascade pink, super basket, pearls azure blue, vining, pink lady
3. coleus
4. geranium border scarlet
5. fuchsia
6. lady's mantle
7. dusty miller
8. lupin 'sundown', blue bonnet
9. lobelia - blue cascade, paper moon, cascading mix
10. salvia - mix, phoenix bright lilac
11. foxglove - white, candy mountain, excelsior mix
12. nicotiana - perfume deep purple, eau de cologne mix, fragrant cloud
13. cerinthe
14. nepeta
15. astrantia
16. phacelia - lavender, tropical surf
17. Amaranthus - love lies bleeding, joseph's coat
18. basil - green and purple
19. snapdragon - black prince, rembrandt
20. scabiosa - ace of spades
21. brussels sprout
22. Hot Tepin Peppers

and seeds from Connie -

Laura Bush Petunia
German Catchfly
Corn Cockle
Dairy Pink
Mountain Garland

And not forgetting some tomatoes; courtesy of Patsi -

Trucker's Favorite
Red Star
Amish Red
Tiger Tom
Spartan Pink

So satisfying to watch the babies grow.

What have you planted lately?


Rosemary said...

Wow is all I can say , your garden will be fabulous.

Genie said...

And thus it begins..........

I do look forward to watching how your garden grows this year!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm very impressed. I have no grow lights, only a couple of south-facing windows. However, last weekend I did plant two kinds of morning glories, two kinds of sweetpeas and some moonflowers in seedtrays there last weekend.

I, too, look forward to watching your progress and seeing how things grow!

Genie said...

Greg--moonflowers!!!! My favorite!