Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tis the season for.................

1. Killing another poinsettia. I love them, but can never seem to get them to make it past the holidays.

2. Shopping. We don't have a lot to do. We never do. Not much family, not many friends. Still, we usually enjoy the little shopping we have.

3. Christmas cookies. Mine are finally finished. As of about 20 minutes ago. My hands are still dyed red.

4. Speaking of cookies, adding about five pounds. To my scales. Oh well. There's always next year to diet.

5. Christmas decorations. Ours are up. Thanks to hubbie Kim. The goofy and the "just for fun." Plenty of outdoor lights also.

6. The tree. Up. Blue again this year. Bought a few strands of the LED lights. Liking them.

7. Christmas dinner. Will be later in the week as usual. Kim has to work so we'll get together with the kids at a later date.

8. Trip to Idaho Botanical Garden to see the lights. That will happen tomorrow night. I'll be dressed VERY warmly. 10˚ weather hurts my face!

9. Dinner out. I like this one. This will happen tonight as Kim and I treat ourselves to a nice night out on the town. Just the two of us. My hours and days off have changed again at work and now we don't have any days off together. Kim took a bit of his vacation time so we've been enjoying spending some real time together.

10. Frantically finishing making Christmas gifts.
Yeah, this one is all mine. But I'm enjoying it for the most part.

11. Giving. Find some little thing, person, or place that needs some help and be that help.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

I really enjoyed reading your holiday list .. especially seeing the retro figures from the Rudolph special .. now that was fun ! : )
PS .. I can't even bring a pointsettia in the house .. cats and my very brown thumb with them !

Unknown said...

LOL. #1? Me too. It's been a few years since I dared buy one because of the plant eating cat. I was afraid to pison her, but apparently that's a wives' tale. WHo would have known?

I have a good solution for loosing those extra five pounds fast too. Set the scale back to -5 before stepping onto it. Okay, it won't help the clothes fit any better but.... :)

Connie said...

Don't feel too bad about the poinsetta...mine always start dropping leaves a few weeks after the holidays. Your blue tree is very pretty. Mine has been pink and aqua the last few years as I have been collecting vintage ornaments in those colors.
We have snow and some pretty cold weather up here, too. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Jeffrey said...

I like your list.
No. 11 is a great one for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Je m'inquiètais de n'avoir plus de nouvelles de chez vous, mais me voilà rassuré. J'ai la grippe depuis quelques jours, je suis couché à la maison, et je ne sors pas.

Pat said...

I work Christmas also...lovely :(
Happy Ho Ho !

Bek said...

I have never heard of anyone who could keep a poinsettia past Christmas;)
Good to hear from you again..

Genie said...

Merry Christmas Victoria!

Hmm, I didn't even know they had LED Christmas lights out. I'll definitely have to check them out. I don't own a single strand of Christmas lights but every year I'm more and more tempted to start buying stuff.

Enjoy your dinner out and I hope you enjoyed the lights at the botanical garden! I bet that was absolutely fantastic! I hope you stayed warm!

Anonymous said...

I could never get poinsettias to be happy in my house either.

mmichele said...

I hope all your seasonal plans are coming along nicely. Happy new year!

Wurzerl said...

Hi Kim and Victoria,
wish you a Happy New Year 2009!!!
Have a great time in all you want to do. Wurzerl

Kylee Baumle said...

I hope your Christmas was all you wanted it to be, and that only good things are in store for you in this new year!

About the poinsettias...I did a post just before Christmas about how to keep them alive. But guess what? Mine is dropping leaves like a tree in fall right now. I just can't figure them out!

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

I love your Rudolph decorations (bumbles bounce!)! And I also don't exchange a lot of gifts... Hope the new year is going well so far!
~ Monica