Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween

It's almost as if fall has already come and gone as Boise experienced it's earliest recorded snowfall of 1.7 inches on October 10th.

Previously Kim and I managed to harvest some tomatoes from our meager garden which I used in a couple of recipes for dinners.

I brought our two purple daturas indoors before the snowfall and we enjoyed their blooms in the house. I'll see if they'll overwinter.
Check out Garden Girl for tips on overwintering plants.

I was also happy with our mums this year and with the white anemones.

These two insects seem especially happy on our fireworks goldenrod.

One of the prettiest dahlias I grew from seed this year. I'll be digging these bulbs up and overwintering them in our crawlspace.

I have managed to save seeds from our white daturas, red castor beans, teddy bear sunflowers and millet plants. And I've brought in the two red geranium plants I grew from seed, we'll see how they overwinter.

Looking toward Christmas I planted the three amaryllis bulbs I saved from last year. One of them has already sprouted.

My hands are healing well since surgery, although they're still a bit sore.

Some Halloween decor; a couple of fake pumpkins I carved years ago and skeleton faces made from river rocks.

Here's wishing everyone a save and fun Halloween.


Rosemary said...

Glad to see you back posting, missed you. Wow you really did have an early snow fall. That is happening in this area today, rather early for us as well.Your floral pictures are beauiful ,love your datura. Your tomato crop looks good to me, tho it is a shame when hard work is not rewarded.

Genie said...

I've SO missed your blog! I'm glad you are recovering, but it seems like it's taking forever!!!

Oh, the river rock idea is fabulous, I like that. I could use glow in the dark paint! I never want to mess with pumpkins, not even fake ones. Although I love the skeleton peeking out of the one, nice!

Happy Samhain!

Victoria Williams said...

Happy Samhain to you also!
(My box of Halloween decor originally is marked as Samhain decor.)

Unknown said...

Glad to hear you're recovering. It's good to see you back posting again. We had some snow too, this year has just been plain crazy with the weather, hasn't it?

Your flowers are lovely too. I'm working on creating a safe haven in my basement to overwinter a couple of my plants in, but it seems to be taking forever to get organized with the seemingly endless trips to the doctor.

Pat said...

Very creative.
Glad to see your having fun.
Enjoy the season...

Bek said...

Good to see you back. Nice tomatoes. What a surprise to see already snowpictures. A little bit too early for my taste:)

Anonymous said...

So great to still have blooms this far into the season.


Anonymous said...

Gr8 to know that u guys have grown tomatoes in Boise
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