Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day Off

Kim and I decided to get out of the house on our one day off together this week.
Here is a short (six minute) video of where we went:


Rosemary said...

Felt like I was riding my bike right beside you.
What a great thing to do an a day off.

Bek said...

Interesting trip and a great video! So you can ride a bike and film at the same time?;)

Anonymous said...

Magnifique promenade que je fais sans bouger de chez moi !! quel plaisir de voir un peu l'amérique grace à vous !
Bisous de Toulouse

Connie said...

Wow, great video! I was happy for the virtual tour of the Idaho Botanical garden. The last time we were in Boise my hubby took me there for a treat, but it was closed. :-( I was sooo bummed.

Genie said...

Awesome day!!!!!!! I had never heard about Sacajawea's bitterroot either, how neat.

Anonymous said...

Wow! vraiment très beau! j'adore la balade à vélo, et les paysages sont incroyables! quelle belle région!:)
Je vous embrasse, à bientôt!;)

Victoria Williams said...

Bonjour Killian,
Il est toujours merveilleux d'entendre parler de vous!

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Wow--how fast were you pedaling?! Cool day trip--makes me want to ride my bike more, too!
~ Monica

Unknown said...

Trips like that make me wish I could get the kids motivated to want to learn how to ride their bikes!