Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pay It Forward

Thanks to Rosemary I received this pretty wreath in the mail when I responded to her Pay It Forward; Blog Edition.

(The photo doesn't do it justice.)

If you want to participate here are the rules;

You must have your own blog and commit to continuing the PIF by sending gifts (handmade or otherwise - no rules or limitations) to the first three people who leave a comment.

So, if you want to participate, leave a comment. You'll need to email me your address so I can send your gift.


Daisy said...

What perfect timing for me to be coming back to your blog! This looks like fun - I'll join. Hope your fishes survived the 'coon invasion!

mmichele said...

Well, how could I NOT participate? Here is my comment and I will send you my address.

(If it's too much fuss to mail to Canada, no problem!)

Geoff said...

thwarting a racoon is a tough task. I hope your Koi survive!
Amazing pics all the way around!