Sunday, March 30, 2008

Boise Flower Show

Sunday I attended our local flower and garden show at the Boise Centre on the Grove.
There was something for everyone at this show.

First impressions are so important and the planners did a great job beginning the event with a walk through a beautiful landscape. The scent of the flowers was nearly overwhelming. What a great way to set us up for the vendors to come. I felt like spring had moved indoors.

And when you reached the vendors there was plenty to choose from; summer hats, whimsical garden accents, huge landscaping rocks, outdoor decks, handmade flower vases, metal decor. It was all there.

This fountain was in the display by All Wet, Sprinklers and Landscaping, a local company. I thought it was very attractive.

Any of the artwork by dharma works would have been a great addition to our Asian shade garden. They would look equally attractive indoors. You can check out more of his pieces at his website.

Friday and Saturday nights they held Wine and Jazz events. What a great idea. Too bad I was working.

This sign would be appropriate anywhere in our garden.

It's available from Winfield Designs in Greenbank, Washington. You can check out more of their products at their website.

I was glad I wandered into the orchid display room. Such gorgeous flowers!

And the bonsai......what can I say. Pictures certainly don't do them justice. Too bad I don't need a new hobby.

I certainly enjoyed the event. If I had any dispensable cash there would have been spending involved. As it was, with a $2 coupon from our bank, the entrance price was just $5. And since I stayed less than an hour, my parking was also free. Nice event.


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Great photos! The bonsai were especially impressive.

Connie said...

This looks like a fun event! I love living in rural Idaho, but flower shows anywhere near.

MA said...

Hey gardeners! Thanks for taking those great photos. I was there all weekend and forgot my camera. Glad you liked the show.

Bek said...

We went to a House & Garden Show last weekend, but they focused more on the house than garden part - very disappointing. Yours sounds so much more interesting.

Rosemary said...

lovely garden show , what a beautiful picture of the flowering bonsai tree.
I could spend a lot of money there.