Saturday, February 16, 2008

Small Signs of Spring

Outdoors our tulips, columbines and sweet woodruff are showing growth. Indoors I started more seeds on February 8th and some have sprouted. Here is the scoop on my second seed planting;

1. Bidens humilis Golden Eye
2. Petunia Blue Daddy
3. Lobelia Rainbow Mix Cascading
4. Petunia Fire Chief
5. Malope The Vulcan
6. Petunia Dolce Limoncello
7. Amaranth Love Lies Bleeding
8. Petunia Lady Purple
9. Malope Glacier Mixed

10. Nicotiana Breakthrough Mix
11. Old Fashioned Vining Petunia
12. Pink Baby's Breath
13. Petunia Titan Mix

14. Lobelia White Compact

I've planted nine of each of the above varieties. I hope they all sprout. So far both lobelias are up along with the old fashioned vining, dolce limoncello and fire chief petunias. The Bidens are showing as is the Baby's Breath. Still waiting on the rest.
You can see just how tiny they begin..

I'm pleased with my four orange and one silver geraniums. They're growing well.

Still no sign from the impatiens or fuchsia. So far only one of the mix geraniums has sprouted. I should mention that these seeds are all at least two years old, some even older, so any germination is a pleasing event.

The next planting will be around February 27th and will include salvias, more amaranthus, gazania, snapdragons, Ace of Spades Scabiosa, and dahlia seeds.

It's very pleasant to lose myself within thoughts of growing flowers for our garden. Last week I applied with or checked back on 20 different businesses in my pursuit of a job. Haven't heard anything yet. I'll continue to dream of spring, it's better that way. Hope everyone's weekend is great.


mmichele said...

oh that is lovely. we can't start our seeds yet... too early. zone 3b. what is your zone?

Victoria Williams said...

Michele - Our zone wavers between 5 and 6. So, much warmer than 3b. The coldest I remember was -25˚ and that was years ago.

Kylee Baumle said...

You're getting me anxious to start my seeds! I'll be doing it soon. You're going to have some really pretty things!

Bek said...

Your winter sowing goes along really well! I started last week my first attempt with a few seeds. I am still waiting for them to germinate. I noticed the Amaranth love lies bleeding in one of the catalogues and thought I need to get this this year. It sure looks very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Oh how those colorful sprouting things do make my eyes happy!

It's been such a long winter...

Naturegirl said...

Holy moly look at all the blossoms already! We are still under mountains of snow banks!! I adore photos of your Chelsea..MORE please!!(let me know when you post them I don't want to miss them!!) hugs NG

Victoria Williams said...

Naturegirl - no blossoms yet! Those are the "eventually" photos. The "hope" pictures. We're still in the middle of winter.

Wurzerl said...

I' m sure your "hope" pictures will be wonderful plants very soon!You are so busy and the seeds are very promising. I like the varieties and the colors of your flowers. But I can wait to meet them all in Summer blooming in your garden.
Have a nice time!

Rosemary said...

Love your pictures of the seedlings, what a nice taste of spring.
Your gardens will be fabulous this year.What a lot of satisfaction you will have to see your babies growing.
I am afraid no signs here yet lots of snow still on the ground.
Wishing you luck on the job hunt .

Reginas Cottage said...

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