Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh my.........Fudge!

Well, I made a pan of fudge about a week ago. Just five of us eating it, and it's gone. Love the fudge. And what I really like is the grainy type with the tiny crystals you can feel in your mouth. The type you have to cook to the softball stage with a candy thermometer and all. My dad made it when I was young. Back then my dad did most of the cooking. He was a good cook, too, even when he was drunk, which was a lot of the time. Mom couldn't cook to save her life. She did bake though; bread, cookies, etc. And the baking she did was great. But you didn't want her to make dinner, cook you an egg, or god forbid, make you a pancake. I remember some great Fried Bread she used to make. I never got the recipe and I'm sure they were terrible artery cloggers, but they were so tasty.
Christmas is a great time to reminisce, isn't it? Very bittersweet, this time of year. I miss my parents, but when they were alive they could be so difficult to be around. So I guess when I remember the good times with them I'll focus on enjoying the moment and the nostalgia and not ruin it with too much reality.

Hope you're all enjoying your holiday moments; the memories and the making of the memories.


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Mmmmmm...Fudge. I've been wanting to try the Rachel Ray 5 minute fudge recipe but I'm sure it's now where near as good as yours. Thanks for the comment on my blog today (and every other day too!). I was taking a sip of tea and nearly lost it when I read your alien comment!

Wurzerl said...

I lost my husband two months ago. And your idea is the right one. The best thing to do is to remember all the good times - with or without Fudge.
The memories staying alive!
Have a good time Wurzerl

Rosemary said...

fudge looks good ! I am impressed that it lasted so long with 5 of you eating it.
I love it that is why I only make it at Christmas cause I will eat it all by myself