Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Tag.....

From BEK.....and my answers;

1. Do you celebrate Christmas? Are you celebrating with your family or are you traveling? Yes, we celebrate Christmas. Some years we also celebrated Winter Solstice. Our day of celebration isn't always on the 25th, we work around four different work schedules. This year my son is working Christmas Day. Some years Kim has to work 12 hours on Christmas, so it varies.

2. Do you know what presents to get and have you already done some shopping? We have bought a few things, but we still have some presents to buy. And one person who I still haven't figured out what to give.

3. Do you already know what to have for the Christmas meal? I like to change things up occasionally, this year I'll be making a Crown roast of pork. I won't be eating any of it (too red for me), but we'll have plenty of side dishes and some sort of dessert. On Christmas Eve I like to just fix snacks and finger foods because it's something my Dad always did and I enjoy being reminded of him.

4. Do you have a Christmas tree? When do you decorate it and when does it come down again? How do you like it to look? Our tree usually goes up just after Thanksgiving. Kim loves having the tree up and he usually initiates it. It will come down sometime after New Year's Day. We like going with one or two colors on our tree. This year it's blue and silver.

5. Are you going to church? No.

6. Do you think you will be having a white Christmas? Well, there is still some snow in our yard now, so maybe. We don't often have snow for Christmas but we always want it.

And I'll add another question:

7. What was your strangest Christmas? The year Kim got sick on Christmas Eve. I had to drive him to the emergency room through a foot of snow. On Christmas Day they performed surgery to close a tear in his esophagus.

I'm not going to tag anyone specifically, but if you do decide to post your own answers, please let BEK and I know. Merry Christmas!


Bob and Robin said...

Now there's a good questionaire. Our tree is not up yet; I still have things to get; outside decorations are slim to none; have Christmas music prepared on the computer; Christmas Eve dinner at Andrae's; Christmas Dinner here - Rack of Lamb, Ferro, Rosemary Roasted Potatoes and Mint Infused Carrots.

Bek said...

Thanks for participating:) I like that you added another interersting question. I have to think about that one and maybe add it to mine.

Rosemary said...

I too work around schedules and as long as we all get together to celebrate doesn't have to be Christmas Day. On the eve also do finger foods, nice to relax and look at the tree. Like your desecription of your tree colour sounds pretty, traditional for me.

Anonymous said...

Je ne célèbre plus Noël comme avant depuis que je suis divorcé, je n'ai plus les enfants pour la veille de Noël, mais je serai avec mon compagnon, Henri, et sa mère. Nous fêterons cela à trois, chez moi. Pour la première fois... Par contre, pour la journée du 25 décembre, nous serons en famille, avec Catherine, et les enfants, elle nous a invité, tous les deux, c'est charmant. Nous n'allons pas à la messe, personne, je ne vais plus à l'église depuis la mort de mon fils ! Pour le repas, nous passerons par un traiteur cette année, je ne veux plus passer momn temps devant les fourneaux, fini la cuisine pendant que les autres mangent ! Tous ensemble ou personne ! J'ai fait tous les cadeaux, enfin presque, il me reste deux choses à acheter, et j'attends la livraison des autres, quelle impatience ! mais bon, je sais que ce sera là à temps ! Je ne fais pas d'arbre de Noël chez moi, je suis seul la plus grande part du temps alors pas besoin, mais celui de Catherine cette année est très beau, il est tout blanc, un peu comme notre temps actuellement, beaucoup de brouillard givrant, peut être de la neige pour Noël, ce sera chouette, enfin super, génial comment dire popur que tu comprennes, pas facile !! Mon Noël le plus étrange était quand j'étais de garde à l'hôpital quand j'étais infirmier, désolé, ce n'est pas très joyeux, mais un monsieur est décédé le soir de Noël et l'on m'a demandé de venir le chercher dans sa chambre... pour le conduire à la morgue ! Il avait eu un cancer du foie, donc il était très "jaune" et quand je l'ai installé sur le brancard, dans le transport son bras est sorti du brancard. J'ai cru qu'il était vivant, cela m'a fait très peur ! Une fois de retour dans mon service, les cuisines venaient de nous servir le dessert, car j'avais déjà mangé un peu... Le dessert était de l'ananas, je n'ai pas pu l'avaler, il avait la même couleur que mon monsieur décédé !! Pas drôle, je sais, mais c'était la réponse à la dernière question de BEK ... non ??

Victoria Williams said...


I do not celebrate Christmas as much as before since I am divorced, I do not have the children for the day before Christmas, but I will be with my companion, Henri, and his mother. We will celebrate, the three of us, at home. For the first time... On the other hand, for the day of December 25, we will be with family, with Catherine [ex], and the children, she invited us, both, it is charming. We do not go to mass, none of us, I do not go any more to church since death of my son! For the meal, we will pass through a delicatessen this year, I do not want to spend my time in front of the oven, working in the kitchen while the others eat! All together or nobody! I made all the gifts, almost finished, it remains to me two things to be bought, and I await the delivery of the others, what a impatience! but good, I know that it will be there in time! I do not have a Christmas tree at home, I am alone most of the time so there is no need, but Catherine’s tree this year is very beautiful, it is very white, a little like our weather currently, much freezing fog, can be snow for Christmas, it will be owl, finally super, brilliant how to say popur that you include/understand, not easy!! My strangest Christmas was when I was at work at the hospital when I was a male nurse, sadly, they are not very merry, but a man died the evening of Christmas and I was asked to come to his room... .. to take him to the morgue! He had had a cancer of the liver, , therefore he was very "yellow" and when I helped put him on the stretcher, in transport his arm left the stretcher. I thought he was still alive, it scared me. After I returned to work I went to the kitchen for dessert after my meal, the dessert was pineapple and I could not eat it because it was the same color as the dead man. Not funny, I know, but it was a strange Christmas.
Love and kisses, François

Thanks for sharing, François!