Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ahhhhhhh....Wine and Chocolate!

Last night Kim and I attended a wine tasting offered by the TVWS of which we are new members this year. My favorite theme of course, wine and chocolate. What could be better?

Seven wines were offered along with seven different accompanying chocolates. The chocolates were all made locally by The Chocolate Bar. I am a huge fan of both chocolate and wine and it was so fun to be led through a well thought out group of both white and red wines and white and dark chocolate pairings. I think both Kim and I favored the Zin with the dark cinnamon chocolate, although Kim also enjoyed another Zin with dark chocolate with ginger pieces.

Another nice touch, the wines were all available to purchase and all very reasonably priced. (Kim and I bought three bottles, so you know they were inexpensive.)
click on the list to see the wines we tasted.

And another great idea at the tasting....door prizes. Kim and I won a bottle of Riesling for knowing that Cava wines are made in Spain. Cool! question to you is....

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Rosemary said...

the best chocolate and wine!
My favourite wine is a Riesling

Victoria Williams said...

R - Thanks for the comment. Do you have a blog?

Anonymous said...

That picture of a plate of chocolate and glass of red could have been taken from my dinner table. Delish...

I gotta go with Kim and the choc-ginger/Zin combo.

Jeffrey said...

How was the Fife 'Whaler' Zin?

Victoria Williams said...

Jeffrey - We bought the STG Zin, but it was only $11 that night. We liked it better than the Fife which was $15. But that's just our opinion.