Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall Pics

I think it's officially here. Fall that is. Not much has been going on....still looking for work; having no luck. I've been baking, reading, exercising, trying new recipes. Kim's a bit worried about being laid off next. We'll have to wait that one out. If it does happen I'll probably already have a job by then. I hope. I better!
These are some pictures I took in the garden. It's always difficult to put the garden to bed, but on the other hand I'm also tired of the watering. That's what's nice about having four distinct seasons, getting a break from the constant gardening chores. So, looking forward to winter. I'm grateful we made yurt reservations before I was laid off. Spending time in the mountains amongst the snow in February will be a nice break.


Natalie said...

I second that about the watering. For the last month or so I just let things go...and now I have the leaves to conquer....agh.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful space, I'd love to sit back there and sip tea! I'd do some landscaping in our backyard if the mosquitoes weren't so horrible here, I can hardly stand to go into the backyard. And we'll be watering for months to come. I envy that you have more than two seasons!

Tarot Reader said...

Let's hope it's as good as it sounds! Man, I'd LOVE to learn palm reading, just haven't had the time. I have an excellent book on it.... one day.

Rosemary said...

Beautiful colours on your leaves.
The garden still looks great even at the end of the season.
, yes it is sad to close up the garden but like you looking forward to the break and planning what to do next spring