Thursday, August 16, 2007

Workout Day

Vanessa paid for me to accompany her to Gold's Gym today. What a nice treat. She has a 10 day pass and she also gave me one to use. We ran on the treadmills for 2 miles, then she used the elliptical machine while I worked out with some free weights. She showed me how to work my abs with one of those large workout balls. We did all this in the special "Women Only" section of the gym. What a great idea, no men watching while you work out! Then we swam some laps in the pool, used the whirlpool spa, and moved into the steam room. Fantastic! If I still had my job I'd be very, very tempted to join.
Thanks Vanessa. I really enjoyed the workout, and I really enjoyed spending the time with you.

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Anonymous said...

A gym workout is a good thing. I was a member for years but then went on the cheap and tried to go it alone at home. It's not working too well as I am about 10lbs heavier.

I think having all that equipment right there and people around you with the same goal gives the incentive to get into shape.

Your home looks so cosy! We have bold colors on our walls too {forest green in the living room and deep red in the study} and I love it!