Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Well, I may be feeling poor since I've been laid off.....but our son, Casey, just bought himself a brand new car. Very nice! He got tired of his truck (which he still loves and will keep) breaking down. So now he has reliable, gas saving transportation. We assisted him through the process but we didn't have to co-sign for him. He's really enjoying driving a car that doesn't constantly try to wander off the road on it's own!

Kim and I went to a wine tasting with the Treasure Valley Wine Society last night. We had too much fun! Is that even possible? My hand is still purple from our first barrel tastings. Thanks, Robin, for inviting us. Thanks Ted for all your knowledge and willingness to share your wines.

Yesterday I signed up for unemployment (my first time ever). So, tomorrow starts the job search. Wish me luck.

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Fightin' Mad Mary said...

The wine tasting sounds lovely.

Half of Hollywood is on unemployment, people that make well into six figure salaries will collect unemployment in between jobs.