Friday, July 13, 2007

My Mom

My mom died June 9, 2004.
She was suffering from Alzheimer's.

I know I'm late with this post. But, considering me and my mom, that's normal behavior.

Here is my mom around 25 years old.

And with my dad...

I can't say I ever had a good relationship with my mom, I didn't. Jackie was born in Chicago. She was in her twenties, still living with her parents, when she met my dad. He volunteered for the army in WWII and she corresponded with him. After he returned from the prison camp when the war ended, they married. Shortly after, they moved to California for a while, then up to Idaho. Their story is a little foggy, they lived on a farm for a while. Lost a couple of babies. Moved into town, Dad got a good job working at Albertson's. They had us five children, mom lost another between my brother and I. Dad lost his job. Mom went to work. Dad's drinking worsened. She constantly threatened divorce. Us kids prayed she would go through with it. She never did.

What did I learn from my mom? Don't be a phony. Because she was one. Don't be afraid to try something new, because she constantly did. A love of travel, and a love of all things French. (Her mother, my grandmother, was born in France.)

Here we are in better times.

Two good things came from her funeral. I reconnected with my niece, Eva. And my cousin François located me with the help of her obituary.

I miss my mom. I don't miss the love and approval I was constantly struggling to receive from her. I do hope she's well and happy wherever she is.

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Jeffrey said...

As always, I love your honesty.