Friday, July 6, 2007


The temperature was 102 degrees yesterday as I rode my bicycle to work. Since about half the distance is uphill, I'm fairly beat by the time I arrive. Every afternoon I pass the guard house on my way in. The security man has checked my ID so many times that now he just waves me on. (We also have to swipe our IDs to enter the buildings). Usually he and I give each other a friendly wave as I bike on through. But yesterday afternoon he opened the guard house door and waved me down. As I rolled to a stop, wondering what was up, he offered me a freshly poured cup of ice water. What a nice guy. It's nice when good things happen; and it's even better if I focus on those pleasant events. It's too easy to pay more attention when crappy stuff happens.


Anonymous said...

It IS nice when something like this happens.

Natalie said...

That was really nice....I wish someone would greet me at my work with water when I ride my bicycle to work. Although...sometimes my boss tosses candy in my basket while I am I can enjoy it later. That was very thoughtful of him.